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RS Components Expands its VoC Program

Confirmit has announced that RS Components (RS) has expanded its highly successful strategic Voice of the Customer (VoC) program, underpinned by Confirmit Horizons, with the addition of the Confirmit Genius text analytics solution.

ConfirmitThe enhanced approach spans the full buying journey to build a clear – and actionable – picture of the customer experience that will empower employees to drive action.

The program, which has run since 2014, has enabled RS to put customer experience at the heart of its operations, with CX metrics forming one of the top five corporate strategic KPIs.

 Greg Christopher, Performance Insight Manager at RS, explained: “After the success we’d already had with our program, the logical next step was to harness text analytics to get a deeper understanding of the customer journey. Most importantly, it would enable us to find clarity amongst the noise created by so much data and provide a curated view for our users who are not data analysts. Being able to get them the insight that is relevant to them was the ultimate objective.”

 Following the deployment of Confirmit Genius, RS has quickly been able to achieve an 85% accuracy for sentiment and categorization, mapping these against the customer journey.

 RS already has 850 companywide users, over 300 of whom are actively making use of text analytics every month. “Introducing text analytics puts the power to make a difference in the hands of every employee. There is no doubt that enabling all of our employees to use text analytics to understand what customers say in their verbatims contributes to our ability to make decisions to improve the customer experience,” he continued.

 Dozens of improvement initiatives have been informed by utilizing text analytics to gain insight and demonstrate improvements made. Most recently, the success has led to the application of text analytics to the RS Live Chat transcripts. Live Chat data is imported into the Confirmit Horizons platform so that employees can review customer verbatims, trends, and sentiment or word clouds.

 “We had captured over 200,000 comments in our Live Chat channel but unlocking the insight contained within these verbatims was difficult. By adding text analytics on Live Chat, we have been able to make very quick changes which are a huge benefit to those responsible for each stage of the customer journey and to the business as a whole. It’s really helping to aid decision making and drive change,” he said.

 Looking ahead, RS will continue to use Confirmit Action Management to further formalize the process of monitoring action taken. Tim Hannington, Chief Revenue Officer at Confirmit, explains: “What’s great about working with the team at RS is that they are always looking for new ways to improve their program and drive great value. By adding text analytics, and moving towards more action-based approaches, they will be better able to understand how to turn every experience into a great experience.”

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