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Ruchira Green Earth Expands AKIRA EV Batteries Portfolio

‘AKIRA’ has stirred up even more interest in electric vehicles, a segment of auto sector that has already been abuzz with activity.

Ruchira Green Earth has plans to disrupt the electric vehicle (EV) battery industry with its flagship brand ‘AKIRA.

Ruchira Green Earth AKIRA EV Batteries
Deepan Garg, Director, Ruchira Green Earth

Established in 2020, Ruchira Green Earth is advancing the technology to produce dependable Li-ion EV batteries under the ‘AKIRA’ brand which has transformed urban mobility in India.

Deepan Garg, Director, Ruchira Green Earth said, “Our manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and technology so much so, we have acquired the potential to customize the Li-ion batteries for the bigger OEMs to cater to their specific needs. Committed to making a difference in the industry, we are advancing the technology and producing EV batteries for all the segments of EVs. Our product range has created an edge over others due to their unique energy-storage technology and excellent energy and power capabilities.”

Ruchira Green Earth is now enhancing the product portfolio of AKIRA eco-friendly Li-ion EV Batteries to capture a sizeable market share of Lithium-ion batteries in India.

It produces high-quality Li-ion EV batteries equipped with all the safety features to protect the battery and the vehicle. In terms of technology, the company has adopted a fully automated process without any manual intervention.

Designed exclusively for Indian weather conditions, AKIRA Li-ion EV batteries are capable of managing increasing volatility.

As the electric vehicle segment in India has come a long way, the market has shifted to slow speed to high speed, the demand for more reliable and high-performance Li-ion batteries has increased and, in this segment, Ruchira Green Earth has already established itself as the frontrunner.

Even during the pandemic-induced downturn in the industry, Ruchira Green Earth has registered a considerable net profit.

Ruchira Green Earth manufactures state-of-the-art and high-performance AKIRA eco-friendly Li-ion batteries encompassing batteries for E-Scooters, E-Auto and E-Cycle apart from commercial vehicles, loaders, fork lift trucks, golf carts, among others. Ruchira Green Earth strives to set the standard for high-quality Li-ion EV Batteries.

‘AKIRA’ has stirred up even more interest in electric vehicles, a segment of auto sector that has already been abuzz with activity.

Providing sustainable, secure and eco-friendly power AKIRA eco-friendly Li-ion EV Batteries range includes E-Auto Batteries, E-Scooter Batteries and E-Cycle Batteries, among others.

Available in a wide range of models in 2W and 3W power categories ‘AKIRA’ Li-ion EV Batteries are equipped with cutting edge latest technology and easy to install features.


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