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SABIC Reveals New Bio-Based LNP ELCRIN Copolymer Resin

LNP ELCRIN EXL resin joins SABIC’s fast-growing bio-based materials offering, which also includes ULTEM™ resins and LNP™ THERMOCOMP™ compounds.

SABIC has launched LNP ELCRIN EXL7414B copolymer, the company’s first bio-based polycarbonate (PC) copolymer to help advance the consumer electronics industry’s net-zero carbon emissions goals.

SABIC Copolymer The new copolymer is the first grade in an expanding portfolio to secure the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification Plus (ISCC+) designation.

“Our collaboration with SABIC to successfully incorporate this new bio-based copolymer in our GT 2 series smartphone has helped us achieve competitive differentiation and a stronger sustainability posture,” said Chase Xu, Global Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, realme. “The use of bio-based materials is an important selling point for consumers, who increasingly seek out sustainable products. Further, the adoption of LNP ELCRIN EXL copolymer resin has enabled our company to advance its environmental goals without any compromise in product performance. This application is the latest result of our productive, ongoing relationship with SABIC.”

“The development of bio-based thermoplastics is an important part of SABIC’s overall sustainability strategy, which also encompasses chemical upcycling and mechanical recycling,” said Maureen MacDonald-Stein, Director, Growth OEM, Specialties, SABIC. “We are applying the full scientific and technical resources of the company to create and deliver new materials that can help customers like realme achieve goals such as emissions and energy reductions, plastic waste avoidance and regulatory compliance.”

“Our new bio-based copolymers can be particularly beneficial to the consumer electronics market,” said Joshua Chiaw, Director, Business Management, LNP & NORYL, SABIC. “They combine sustainability with exceptional performance to address key trends for electronic devices, including smaller, thinner designs, increasingly stringent safety regulations and strong consumer preferences for environmentally responsible products. To further support this important sector and the electrical/electronics industry as a whole, SABIC plans to add new grades to our bio-based LNP ELCRIN EXL family.”

It is formulated with over 50 percent bio-based content from waste materials, which do not compete with the food chain, according to the mass balance approach.

LNP ELCRIN EXL resin joins SABIC’s fast-growing bio-based materials offering, which also includes ULTEM™ resins and LNP™ THERMOCOMP™ compounds.

The prestigious Chinese brand realme chose LNP ELCRIN EXL7414B copolymer resin for the battery cover of its brand-new GT 2 Pro smartphone that launched on Jan. 4, 2022, in China.

Realme was the first consumer electronics brand to adopt the incumbent version of this material, LNP ELCRIN EXL7414 resin, which was used to mold the battery cover of its C25 smartphone.


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