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Salesforce IoT Cloud to Benchmark New Possibility for Businesses

Salesforce IoT Cloud

Salesforce commences a new services integrating IoT Cloud. The technology is already to set-off new dimensions in the growing data scopes. This technology is developed to assist advance integration of high-value customer data from Internet of Things sources.

Commenting on the latest instigation, Steve Faris, chief platform officer at global consulting agency Bluewolf said, “Companies need to uncover IoT value with a customer-obsessed approach.” “It’s not just ‘what’ the capabilities of new products are, it’s ‘how’ and ‘why’ customers will use them that are of utmost importance.”

“Wearables, remote access to technology, and connected devices become more meaningful when organisations gain a holistic view of customers in real-time.”

The latest State of Salesforce reiterates that data is the biggest obstacle and a world of opportunity. Nearly half of all Salesforce customers still have problems reconciling data from different sources, including other organisations. The report found it is the top barrier to deriving business insights from Salesforce data.

According to the report, in order to gain a master view of data beyond charts and dashboards, 68% of companies will be increasing their investments in analytics in the coming year.

The report found employee experience matters. A third of companies cite employee-facing initiatives as one of their top objectives for 2016.

The report found companies are 3 times more likely to attribute measureable business outcomes to the use of Salesforce when employees believe it makes their job easier.

Faris says Salesforce’s new IoT Cloud will help advance integration of high-value customer data from IoT sources by driving deeper understanding and anticipation of their customers’ needs, and accelerate the point in time at which proactive action can be initiated.

“IoT provides earlier notice of any product or service imperfections that may exist – enabling companies to take proactive action and service customers immediately, thus having greater impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

In 2014, 44% of companies released changes to their Salesforce instance at least monthly. This year, there is a 20% spur in companies releasing at least monthly, and 3 times as many companies releasing at least weekly.


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