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Sameer Mahapatra’s Take on Fleet Industry Using IoT

Those organizations which put innovation at the heart of their operations, understand that IoT has the capacity of solving their everyday problems.

Sameer MahapatraInternet of Things (IoT) in fleet industry has come up with a bigger achievement, as it automates each task and also provides real-time insights by promoting machine-to-machine communication. With the growing demand of fleet vehicles, the increasing road freight traffic, and environmental pollution level all over the world, it had become a challenge for owners to keep their eye on their fleets. There are several examples, like; if a vehicle breaks down then the system it can send automatic ticket notification to tow trucks and nearest service stations. In the case of weather warnings, automatic notifications can be sent to drivers to help them in rerouting etc. While talking to Nitisha from BISinfotech; Sameer Mahapatra, Country Manager-India & SAARC at Aeris Communications elaborates the growth of the fleet industry and the scope of IoT.

Kindly highlight the value of IoT in fleet management.

The infusion of IoT technology has brought the idea of connected vehicles to life. IoT provides stakeholders real-time insights by promoting machine-to-machine communication and combining the power of telecommunications and informatics. In terms of fleet management, which is a tedious task and requires utmost precision and accuracy, leveraging the right IoT solutions can provide fleet operators with newer capabilities while increasing operational efficiency. Better visibility reduced wait time, and proactive maintenance for cost savings are some additional benefits that IoT offers to fleet operators.  At aeris, too we have built and rolled out the Aertrak platform that provides tracking, monitoring abilities for fleet management. It also has the power to analyse the data gathered to further enhance and improve performance, utilization, safety, security and more for the vehicles.

What are your points on cyber threat integration complexities of disparate systems, security, and privacy risks associated with connectivity solutions?

Those organizations which put innovation at the heart of their operations, understand that IoT has the capacity of solving their everyday problems. In the same way, fleet managers also put their trust in the technology as a way of maximizing their business results. Cyber security threats are real and leading IoT players are continuously innovation their security implementations to stay ahead of the threat. A sound and reliable IoT technology is build on “Secure first” model which puts security at the core of any implementation build with a roadmap to evolve with the ongoing threat.

Challenges and scopes of IoT in the fleet sector?

The Internet of Things in the field of fleet management can be a little tricky at times. Since the number of vehicles that are needed to be managed is in large quantities, it can often lead to the production of large amounts of data that is often left unused. While this will continue to remain a challenge when using IoT in the fleet sector, it also presents huge opportunities for growth in the sector. For instance, it can help provide greater connectivity between devices, generate real-time insights and revenue streams, which can help business leaders have more time for innovation rather than focussing on the management of their fleet. With IoT, fleet operators can reduce vehicle maintenance, increase their visibility over aspects like driver behavior; and strengthen customer relationships and satisfaction.

What are your marketing strategies for future growth?

FY 22 for Aeris is being built around solving more customer problems and creates newer revenue opportunities for our customers. Our marketing strategy would follow the same theme where we would reach out and play a larger role in the EV ecosystem, placing IoT at the centre of it. Battery OEM’s, Financers, Two wheel OEM’s , Battery swapping and Charging ecosystem would be our focus areas.

Any flagship offering you wish to highlight?

We at Aeris, understand the difficulties in fleet management that our customers face and for the same continue to work towards utilizing new-age technologies like IoT to provide them the best-in-class solutions. Through our IoT fleet telematics, we offer our customers secure and uninterrupted global cellular IoT connectivity. Through our variety of fleet telematics and management technology use cases, we are able to offer our customers GPS fleet tracking services, video telematics, and fleet monitoring, temperature management for cold chain applications, connected Dashcams, and Usage-Based Insurance.

Moving away from fleet management, I would also like to highlight our latest AI-powered solution- Claerityai, which is a speech enhancement technology and extremely useful in our days of hybrid working. This solution can be integrated with various collaboration tools like Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and has the ability to remove all unwanted background noise to further ensure effortless collaboration and work among teams.


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