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A Product Engineering & Systems Integration Company Leading in 5G, IoT, AI ML, Edge & Cloud Sectors


This month’s biggest interview features Amantya Technologies – A Leading Product Engineering & Systems Integration Company. Amantya has expertise in next-generation technologies like 5G, IoT, AI ML, edge, and cloud. Irrespective of the business type or industry, Amnatya provides customized solutions to our clients to holistically accelerate their digital transformation. In this exclusive interview of the month, Niloy gets alongside Sanjay Bisen | CoFounder and CTO of Amantya Technologies where the veteran explains how the company has been helping customers build 5G based solutions that span across Radio Access Network (RAN), Core, Management, and Orchestration to simplify functions across hybrid and multivendor environments. A lot more about this leading company and its ahead plans to empower 5G, IoT, AI ML, Digital Services sectors. Edited Excerpts Below.

Q Tell us about Amantya’s core areas of expertise. How is the company looking to make a difference in the growing and increasingly diverse 5G ecosystem?

As a product engineering and systems integration company, Amantya has expertise in next-generation technologies like 5G, IoT, AI ML, edge, and cloud. Irrespective of the business type or industry, we provide customized solutions to our clients to holistically accelerate their digital transformation.

We specialize in building 5G based solutions for our customers that span across Radio Access Network (RAN), Core, Management, and Orchestration to simplify functions across hybrid and multivendor environments. We do that by leveraging solution accelerators, partner solutions, and deep domain expertise in wireless protocols, integration, testing, and hardware design and development. These capabilities allow us to address customer-specific requirements to customize solutions accordingly and help get the customer to market faster. While we can address end-to-end requirements in the RAN and MANO domain as well, one of our most prominent accelerators is Amantya’s 5G SA Core. Our 5G Core has been developed from the ground up using open web-scale architecture and helps create highly scalable networks that can run on any cloud environment – public, private, or hybrid. 3GPP-Rel 15 compliant, with Rel 16 in the roadmap, it is built using microservices methodologies and has a high-performing User Plane. Fully virtualized, containerized, and optimized for plug-n-play installation, Amantya’s 5G Core is ideal for private 5G deployments and can be enabled for ‘pay-as-you-go’ use as well.

Our 5G portfolio is primarily focused on:

• Building private 5G networks
• Developing standards-based RAN solutions, customizable to customer requirements
• Deploying ORAN based solutions for E2E cross-domain integration and accelerating O-RAN deployments
• Creating a live test environment in our fully loaded 5G lab where our customers can validate and integrate 5G network solutions while also enabling interoperability across vendors
• Enabling use cases that can run on 5G MEC infrastructure, including V2X, CDN, AR VR, robotics, and remote healthcare, etc.

Q 5G is being touted to be a disruptive technology with new use cases and business models. How is Amantya planning to leverage the opportunities that come with 5G?

5G isn’t simply the next generation of mobile communications. It’s a complete ecosystem. While 4G impacted only the telecom sector, 5G is evolving holistically, transforming all industry verticals. In our view, forging new alliances and collaborating to share and enhance technological competencies is the way forward to stay relevant in this disruptive and fast-evolving landscape.

Amantya is focusing on building a robust partner ecosystem. Such an ecosystem will enable us to successfully integrate customized solutions for our clients, building a relationship of trust and shared value. We collaborate with leading silicon players to build hardware platforms for our customers. In line with our prime focus of being a 5G solution integrator for our clients, our software partners support us with solutions based on MANO, and Intelligent RAN that can be plugged into our in-house solutions, allowing us to create an integrated offering for our customers. In addition, we are partnered with AWS, where we are using the AWS platform to offer SaaS-based Core to our customers. We are members of open forums like ORAN, Linux Foundation, and TIP who provide a comprehensive platform for us to leverage their expertise and skills through a globally shared architecture.

We envision these partnerships to keep growing, both in numbers and expertise, and look forward to building an ecosystem where we collaborate with leading players in the industry to not only fast-track our customers’ 5G journey but also together build a more connected future.

Q As IoT shares a handsome market share today it equally derives newer complex challenges, (flexibility, security, and privacy foremost connectivity). How is Amantya Technologies, being a world-class design and engineering Services Company, helping clients in their product development to end solution journey?

Irrespective of the industry, Amantya Technologies can seamlessly and securely incorporate IoT devices and capabilities into a business. Being technically competent, across domains and technologies, our solutions are customizable to business need(s) and business models.
In the current complex and challenging digital landscape, with so many moving parts in a solution, we provide complete Product Lifecycle Management, from ideation, road map, to development and launch, to help build a secure and dynamic IoT ecosystem for our clients. Amantya’s IoT capabilities include end-to-end Hardware, Firmware, and Software development services. Also, our ready-to-deploy solutions, or ‘IoT Accelerators’ as we call them, are powered by technologies like 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, Wi-Fi, BLE, and accelerate time-to-market while improving cost and process efficiencies. Our IoT services and solutions benefit businesses across verticals like automotive, telecom, retail, enterprise, and healthcare, with more on the horizon. We have a proven presence in both Industrial IoT and Consumer IoT segments, having successfully deployed solutions in both domains.

Q Being one of the leaders in (5G, IoT, AI ML, Digital Services), what it’s like a day inside Amantya Technologies and the work culture to keep up excellence and innovation beguiling holistic growth of the company.

A typical day at Amantya is full of exciting experiences while working on next-gen technologies revamping the digital landscape and collaborating with colleagues equally passionate about technology and its implications. Our commitment to delivering excellence to our clients is fueled by our people. ‘People First’ isn’t just a mantra for us, but a way of life. Our team is a bunch of diverse individuals at different stages of their learning curve – experienced and quick learners, united by their commitment to keep upgrading their skills and bring their best selves to the table. The pandemic has forced us all to reimagine workspaces. Though we are currently working remotely, yet we ensure the enthusiasm and spirit for learning, disrupting, and excelling stays high.

Q Talking specifically about India, what trends do you foresee in the 5G space, and also if you can highlight a flagship offering simplifying India’s 5G dream?

5G is going to be a huge story for India. Hailed as the catalyst that will drive India’s digital transformation and achieve GOI’s ‘Digital India’ vision, 5G is already making inroads in India. Prominent MNOs have already started 5G network trials and are expected to pick up steam as we go along. Many leading educational institutes are poised to jump in as well, with research and development initiatives to encourage Indian startups and the industry to take an early lead in 5G. Going by these exciting updates on 5G’s evolution in India, we believe three predominant trends will shape the 5G space in the country.

1. There will be a driving focus on indigenous 5G software and hardware solutions and products, giving predominance to the Indian vendor. It will provide impetus to the ‘Make in India’ initiative by the Government of India.
2. With 5G trials already in advanced stages, the IT industry and IT solutions integrators will have a big play in India to set up the networks.
3. India has always been a cost-sensitive market, and we believe O-RAN related initiatives will pick up in the country sooner rather than later

Q Which key sectors have been promising markets for Amantya Technologies?

While we have the capabilities, both deep domain expertise and industry knowledge, to add value across verticals. However, three segments stand out for us. These are telecom, automotive, and consumer IoT.
In telecom, our standards-based 5G SA Core enables telcos to build highly agile private 5G networks. It also doubles up as a network simulator, mimicking all elements of a 5G network, allowing telco players to create varied network topologies. We also run end-to-end integration projects for 5G based solutions and build MEC applications. We do all this and more (using solution accelerators and services), helping telecom customers get to market faster with new products and solutions, gaining the first-mover advantage, and generating new revenue streams.

In automotive, our MEC-based V2X framework improves traffic efficiency, enhances safety, and reduces operational costs. It also helps auto manufacturers utilize their data to establish telematics capabilities and deploy connected car cloud platforms. We also provide end-to-end fleet management solutions, including OBD devices, fleet trackers, mobile applications, cloud infrastructure, data processing, and service management to automotive OEMs. Amantya’s end-to-end IoT solutions offer businesses smarter ways to connect the entire value chain. Right from evaluation of organizational IoT readiness, roadmap creation, use case definition to solution mapping, go-to-market strategy, and implementation, we support our clients through every stage. We do hardware and software designing for sensors and other IoT peripherals (across various IoT technologies). We work through the entire IoT implementation chain, from sensors, connectivity, gateways, and backend cloud solutions to deliver end-to-end solutions deploying NB-IoT, CAT-M, and Cellular-IoT. From smart homes, personal healthcare to asset tracking, and beyond, we leverage IoT to help companies in the consumer sector move from traditional products to those with embedded intelligence.

Q Automotive bids a billion-dollar opportunity in India with connected cars driving the new market trends. Your expertise wooing the automotive market?

V2X is the prime technology driving the wireless automotive market. The key components of the V2X technology are – infrastructure (OBDs & RSUs), stack (V2X application, messaging & lower layers), and connectivity (URLLC support in the core). In line with our vision of becoming a leading solution integrator, we have all the prime elements of the V2X ecosystem in place, which allow us to provide end-to-end solutions to the automotive industry.

Our expertise involves amalgamating three elements while developing stacks for cellular V2X use cases and applications.

1. Developing V2X applications which realize end-to-end use cases such as V2V communication, Vehicle to roadside unit communication, traffic monitoring, driver behavior, and traffic monitoring, etc
2. Implementing V2X stacks that involve standard messaging layers over 3GPP and non 3GPP (WAVE) layers
3. End-to-end connectivity and integration expertise to provide complete solutions for use cases across vehicles and roadside units

Q Any comments on the challenges & solutions for above 6 GHz Radio Access Network Integration for Future Mobile Communication Systems?

Above 6 GHz frequency for RAN integration are the mmWave frequency deployments.

1. Low penetrative power – mmWave deployments can only be successfully implemented in restricted scenarios – e.g., closed environments like a mall or a sports stadium. This deployment model is used majorly in urban settings where support infrastructure is available.
2. Requires densification – to truly leverage a mmWave RAN solution, multiple base stations have to be deployed as the cell size is very small. This leads to an increased CAPEX for the operators.

The challenges faced by mmWave solutions are well known. Going forward, RAN solution deployments will have to be use case-based, and the newer networks displayed in the future will be a mix of both mmWave and sub6. Moreover, with Open RAN in the picture, one will also have a scenario where one would have a common CU or DU with multiple RUs running, with mmWave or sub6 frequency bands being spread out.

Q Any other market-ready deployable solutions that have been developed by Amantya over and above those discussed above?

Yes, there are two recent additions to our fast-growing portfolio of next-generation solutions.

1. iSmartCell: an Android OS based real-time device modem diagnostic tool, ideal for operators and silicon OEMs. A standards-based end-to-end testing solution, iSmartCell employs a client-server architecture with a cloud-based backend for the post-processing of data and offers extensive support of 650+ 5G and 4G KPIs. Its intuitive dashboard provides a drilldown analysis that allows the user to get to the heart of KPI degradation issues fast.
2. Proxima: an innovative remote device testing tool that enables application testing across devices and networks. An ideal app testing solution for MNOs, CDNs, and developers, it works on both iOS and Android applications. One can simply plug-n-play Proxima on any pre-selected device or a cloud-based device farm as-a-service to identify and fix app performance ahead of go-live. Furthermore, its powerful APIs support integration to third-part IDEs/Testing systems. In addition, we are also enhancing and positioning some of our existing solutions for different verticals and use cases:
3. iCell – our portfolio of accelerators coupled with our professional services in integration, stack porting, and testing help build end-to-end RAN solutions for customers in the enterprise segment, primarily for private network deployments. These, together with our Core network, position us uniquely to offer building blocks for enterprise private network deployments.
4. Core as a Service – We are enabling our 5G Core on the public cloud. This will allow the usage of the Core for pay-asyou-go use cases. It will be ideal for customers that want to use it for simulation test cases to determine the interoperability of their network products and have infrequent and nonvoluminous usage patterns.


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