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Sapience introduces Sapience Buddy, a software solution designed to promote Mindful Work


Sapience Analytics, a leading workforce analytics company, has launched a new solution dubbed as ‘Sapience Buddy’ for individual professionals. The solution helps analyzing individual work patterns and enables achieving work-life balance.

It’s a  PC  based  software  application  that automatically  discovers  your  daily  work  patterns  and  time  spent  on  multiple  work  activities.  It also has ‘Sapience Work Yoga’ feature that guides users on simple changes that can have a remarkable impact on both productivity and wellness.

Sapience Buddy solution actually acts as your virtual assistant, allowing users to set goals for improvement, and encourage them with daily feedback. Further, Wellness prompts push users to take a break in case they spend too much time at thier desk.

“Over the past 4 years, our flagship  product  Sapience Enterprise  has become a pioneer and market leader in enabling organizations to become Mindful Enterprises”,  said Shirish Deodhar, Co-founder and CEO of Sapience Analytics. 

“Sapience Buddy is our response to serve  professionals  globally who  are  increasingly  becoming  conscious  about  the  benefits  of  mindfulness  at  work.  These professionals  include  independent  consultants,  work  from  home  freelancers,  employees  at  small firms  (example,  accounting,  legal,  architects),  and  at  large  organizations  too,” he further added.

It’s worth mentioning that, the Sapience data is “for users eyes only”, it remains private on users PC and is not uploaded to any Server.

Using  insights  gained from over 200  million  hours of workplace  data,  Sapience  Buddy  offers  working  professionals,  a  user  friendly and intuitive PC application to achieve more and with reduced stress, the press release states.

As far as its pricing is concerned, the Sapience Buddy Lite version is available at  no  charge, is a good option  for  people who want to take the first steps towards mindfulness.  While, the Pro version, available for  $2 per month, provides insights beyond the default 7 days to the past 4 months, along with  a wide range of features for users.

“Today, there are wearable devices, like FitBit and Apple Watch, which can track activities  through the day  –  right from blood pressure, heart rate, number of steps taken and so on. Armed with such information, we can take actions to improve our overall health based on data instead of guesswork. Think of Sapience Buddy as a FitBit @ Work. It helps individuals to bring in positive changes in their work  patterns  through  valuable  and  effortless  self-quantification  provided  to  you  by  Sapience Buddy”, said Khiv Singh, AVP – Sales and Marketing, Sapience Analytics.



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