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Schneider Electric New Solutions at Intelect–Distribuelec 2022

In its quest to integrate sustainability across the energy ecosystem, Schenider Electric is reimagining the way electrical rooms are shaped.

Schneider Electric has launched the unique innovations at the Intelect-Distribuelec 2022, to lay the foundation for the new world of energy.

Schneider Electric Intelect–Distribuelec The new technologies are focused on revolutionising electrical distribution for building greener grids and powering a net-zero world.

Speaking on the innovations, Sanjay Sudhakaran, VP, Power Systems, Schneider Electric India said, “At Schenider Electric, we are focused on designing eco-friendly products to bridge the gap between progress and sustainability. The New World of Energy envisions to achieve better efficiency, flexibility, reliability, and resilience. With the motto of ‘Innovation at every level’, we are swiftly crusading towards developing solutions that can accelerate the move towards net-zero.”

Expanding its ExcoStruxure Grid portfolio for Grids of the Future, Schneider showcased its DER Management solution, developed in partnership with Autogrid and Uplight, for maximizing grid flexibility and scalability. The enhanced DER Management solution would play an instrumental role in making grids a Green Yodha for the planet.

In its quest to integrate sustainability across the energy ecosystem, Schenider Electric is reimagining the way electrical rooms are shaped.

Paving the way for 100% connected electrical distribution system, EcoStruxure Power Architecture with connected solutions in this ever more digitized and electric world, means simplifying and maximizing the level of safety and power availability for complex electrical distribution systems.

It comprises new generation of ComPacT molded-case circuit breakers, new wireless auxiliaries tailored for operational excellence and a PowerLogic™ HeatTag sensor designed to detect any cable overheating in real-time to provide fire prevention for switchboards.

As we step into an increasingly digital world, uninterrupted and reliable power supply is becoming absolutely critical for the smooth functioning of crictical infrastructure like airports, hospitals, and data centres. The company’s next generation, TransferPacT™ Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment (ATSE), is poised to spearhead reliable power backup for ensuring smooth and continuous functioning of critical infrastructure.

At Intelect-Distribuelec, Schneider is looking to connect with transmission and distribution utilities to present its green and digital solutions from ADMS, DERMS, to automation solutions, Advance Metering, Energy as A Service GreeNext, and Digital Power Solution.


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