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Scope of Growth In EV Business And Career Opportunities For The Skilled Person

Arindam-LahiriFirst, it is of the utmost importance to be aware that the Electric Vehicle Industry is fundamentally multidisciplinary. This is because the industry requires the experience of experts who work in a variety of engineering subfields. Chemical engineers are exceptionally skilled in the chemistry of batteries, but electrical engineers are most equipped to determine the most suitable motor for a particular vehicle.

It is anticipated that there would be a significant need for specialists who know a variety of fields, including chemical engineering, electronics, embedded software, and electrical engineering, among others.

As a result of this pattern, the electric vehicle (EV) industry is making a concerted effort to hire new college grads with experience in mechatronics engineering. This is because mechatronics engineering is a broad subject that incorporates many other subfields.

How can engineering students get started in the Electric Vehicle industry?

While studying engineering, one acquires the foundational knowledge across disciplines necessary to construct a fully electric car. Here, we’ll discuss how students may become involved in real-world EV industry initiatives and develop the skills they’ll need to create a name for themselves there.

Working on an engineering challenge connected to EVs gives students the practical experience they need to become a good fit for the industry. The following are some ways that students might get practical experience and stand out throughout the hiring process:

  • Do Internships: –

Internships provide excellent experience since they allow you to collaborate directly with practising engineers on real-world projects. In addition to learning how to solve real-world technological challenges, students experience what it’s like to work in a professional setting.

  • Build Projects: –

A candidate’s potential for the post of R&D engineer might be shown with a relatively straightforward project, such as the construction of an energy-efficient DC-DC converter for use in an electric vehicle application. Students may sharpen their conceptual understanding by working on a project that requires a broad familiarity with vehicle design.

How do you get ready for a good career in the EV industry?

If you’re interested in entering the EV industry, you may do it in several ways now, with the support of various resources.

Applying to Online EV Courses

If you’re looking to boost your resume’s appeal, enrolling in some online courses can’t hurt. You might submit an application to Coursera or any other university offering equivalent EV instruction through the internet.

  • A Brief Look at Electric Cars in India
  • Vehicle Dynamics: Subsystems of the Vehicle: EV EVs need to store their powertrains.
  • Design and Fundamentals
  • Accessories for cars
  • Charging and changing the battery
  • A Brief Look at India’s Energy Situation
  • The economics of centralised generation for solar and wind power in India
  • Solar energy production that is not centralised
  • Storage options for Energy

Opportunities in the Leading EV Companies

The widespread use of electric vehicles is expected to generate many new jobs. You should learn more about the technology and industry around any of the following choices if they catch your interest.

Analysts predict that new business models will help develop electric vehicles, which will lead to the creation of employment. Mahindra’s electric vehicle segment plans to increase headcount by 7–8% across both business lines over the next two to three years.

Job Options in EV Industry

  • Opportunities in Scientific Research- The many scientists hired by the electric car sector are focused on one thing, and that’s improving upon the current technology. Improvements such as quicker battery charging for increased consumption and capacity are one area of focus. Similar to the Design and Development team, the Research and Development team is primarily scientists who spend much of their time in labs doing experiments and collaborating with the teams to make significant advancements.
  • Opportunities in EV Manufacturing- The production of an electric vehicle involves different skills and tools than those used in producing a conventional automobile or bicycle. Many new employees in this division are also equipped to assist with installing charge stations and other infrastructure improvements for electric vehicles.
  • Opportunities in Infrastructure- With more and more people leaning toward the EV sector, there is a pressing need to improve the infrastructure supporting EVs. There will be an urgent need for charging infrastructure and improved highways.
  • Opportunities in Design and Development- Those skilled in the arts of construction and improvement, such as engineering, technology, and design, make up the vast majority of this group. The department also needs competent drafters to help with the essential duty of drafting. Ready-to-work engineers need to be comfortable with and proficient in the use of computers. Engineers hired for this electric vehicle (EV) sector need to be versatile and able to operate well in teams using various tools and processes.
  • Opportunities in EV Maintenance- Although routine maintenance may not need a highly trained engineer and may be handled by a regular handyman, it is nevertheless an essential function. Having a qualified mechanic on staff who is responsible for the upkeep of electric cars is crucial.

Why should you think about working in the EV business?

If you have an engineering background and a curiosity about electric vehicles (EVs), the EV industry is a great place to launch your career. With some familiarity with math and electronics, you can quickly establish yourself as an EV opportunist, where you’ll be able to learn a great deal and guarantee your financial stability.

Consider entering the electric vehicle business to improve the world and advance your career. The EV sector is incredibly advantageous, and you may look at it as your golden ticket to a safe and secure future as the globe chooses to become eco-friendly.


Begin with a fantastic degree in engineering, supplement it with a local training job, get experience, and qualify for a number of various departments by doing so. Put forth more effort into your research papers so that you may provide your company with more compelling ideas. Get as much experience as you can in order to go forward in the business and make a real impact. Have a positive outlook, get experience in a variety of fields, and then choose the ideal employment opportunity to propel your career forward.


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