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Nanoelectronics-Creating Boundless Possibilities

Gaining immense popularity and intrigue of consumers from the get-go, Nanotechnology showed immense adaptability and scope from the start as it entered the electronics field.

NanoelectronicsConstant scientific research in the electronics field led to the evolution of multiple electronics gadgets in twentieth century and this growth continued its path towards the twenty-first century as the size and functions of these electronics gadgets go smaller in size that led us to explore Scope of Nanoelectronics with increased capabilities.

As the size of devices like mobile phones and laptops tend to go smaller with time, either for convenience or for market demand, scientists had to devise new methods and materials to allow this change while undergoing intensive trial and error processes.

As a result, physics becomes an important aspect for modeling and understanding how these devices operate and what could be done to magnify their efficiency with decreased size.

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Aishwarya Saxena

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