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SEACAD to Steer Businesses Towards Digital Transformation

SEACAD Technologies has continued to be the Industry Process Solutions partner to Dassault Systèmes since 2020—a venture done in light of the global digital transformation trend.

SEACADIn the latter part of 2020, SEACAD has officially become a Customer Process Experience partner of Dassault Systèmes, a French corporation and a leading provider in the Product Lifecycle Management or PLM market.

As an Industry Process Partner, the company can address, first hand, the challenges being encountered by companies in multiple sectors.

SEACAD now offers a robust portfolio comprised of 3D modeling applications, simulation applications that create virtual twins of products or production systems, social and collaborative applications, as well as information intelligence applications.

With this goal and intent, SEACAD is inclined to support businesses of all sizes in their journey towards digital transformation.

With proven credibility and expertise in delivering smart and efficient design to manufacturing solutions to companies in various industries over the past 2 decades and counting, SEACAD Technologies Pte Ltd – SOLIDWORKS Singapore, is aiming high to be the leading industry solutions provider in Singapore for its key target markets – Medical Equipment, Industrial Equipment and High-Tech Industries, in the next few years.

CATIA, SIMULIA, and ENOVIA are amongst the most powerful solutions offered by SEACAD. The company helps by simplifying the process of product development and ideation, and by making the overall cycle achievable. Every business is unique, hence, SEACAD’s approach varies, ensuring a customized solution suitable to your business needs and challenges is provided.

Since its venture with the French software giant, SEACAD has been scaling new heights—opening new opportunities to businesses and bringing them into an ecosystem that fosters game-changing ideas and accelerates innovation.

SEACAD adds significant value to these software solutions by rendering a follow-through of their distinct services: technical support, onboarding training, integration, implémentation, and consultation services, all of which are backed by decades of experience from operating as a leading SOLIDWORKS Business Partner in Singapore.

SEACAD addresses industry-specific hurdles by integrating tools that transform businesses for the best.


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