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Less Device Count & Twice The Current – Infineon Unveils SPOC™+2 configurable SPI Power Controllers

infineon spoc plus 2Infineon Technologies launches a new generation of its multichannel SPI high-side power controllers SPOC.

The new SPOC series is designed to address interior and exterior lighting applications but also power distribution applications such as door lock and seat heating, as well as lighting and power distribution loads for e-bikes.

Similar to the body control module (BCM) of 15 years ago, other in-car ECUs such as junction, fuse and relay boxes now start to become increasingly complex, supporting more features.

“With our new flexible configurable, highly integrated multi-channel SPOC products we will help our customers reduce hardware variants and module size, thus lowering costs and allowing for smaller vehicle packaging locations,” said Andreas Doll, Vice President and General Manager of Infineon’s Body Power Business Unit. “In 2019, we plan to ship roughly 100 million SPOC products. Statistically, every new car in the world will be equipped with our solution”.

A number of new features make the SPOC+2 family more flexible for implementation within the application.

For example, previous generations were equipped with two pre-defined modes for either bulb or LED loads. Now, important device parameters including slew rate, load current sense ratio (K ILIS) and overload detection current can be configured individually for each of the up to six channels. Moreover, this comes without negative effects on the on-state resistance R DS(ON).

Furthermore, the new concept allows two channels to drive one load in parallel. Consequently, the range of supported currents is now twice as wide: 1.5A to 14A (previously 1.5A to 7A).

With the new generation, customers can easily switch between all products of the SPOC+2 family, for example in case of late requirement changes from an OEM.

All products use a common pin out, a common software concept and now also the same package. Compared to the previous generation, Infineon reduced the package size for the high-end product BTS72220-4ESA/E by more than 50 percent.

Therefore, with a body size of 52mm2 all products of the SPOC+2 family need half the footprint area compared to alternative devices on the market with the ability to switch up to 241W.

SPOC+2 products come with an integrated ground diode, which allows an easier and cheaper solution on system level. No additional external ground diode is required, thus the ground circuit only requires a small low power resistor (47Ω instead of 100Ω).

The new product family offers additional configurable protection features, which can be applied individually for each channel. Besides state-of-the-art functions such as short circuit and overload protection, SPOC+2 includes a configurable over-load-detection current. The protection can either be configured with limited restart or immediate latch off.

For all SPOC+2 products Infineon provides a common diagnosis concept via SPI. The products include enhanced diagnosis functions such as open load in the off-state and short circuit to battery.


SPOC+2 products will be available from October 2018 onwards. Further information is available at: Click here.

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