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STMicroelectronics’ STEF01 Programmable Electronic Fuse Now With Value-Added Features

STMicroelectronics fuse

STMicroelectronics enhances the benefits of fast-acting overload protection to applications at higher power ratings, launches the STEF01 programmable electronic fuse.

The new STEF01 programmable electronic fuse from STMicroelectronics powered by integrated low-RDS(ON)VIPower MOSFET is said to sustain up to 4A continuous current over a wide operating input-voltage range of 8V to 48V, with low insertion loss.

When connected in series to the main power rail, the STMicroelectronics STEF01 programmable electronic fuse protects the load against over-current and over-voltage.

The voltage is clamped to a user-defined maximum, preset with external resistors. Excessive current is restricted to the programmed safe limit by controlling the internal power MOSFET and folds back to a lower limit if a strong over-current or short-circuit is detected.

Key Nuggets of The New STEF01 programmable electronic fuse from STMicroelectronics includes:

  • The STEF01 leverages ST’s BCD8 high-voltage process to integrate value-added features, including dV/dt control to prevent excessive inrush current during startup or hot-swap insertion. This slows the output-voltage ramp-up time to at least 3ms, which can be increased if desired by connecting an external capacitor.
  • Programmable Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO), also set using external components, allows the user to fine-tune the desired voltage-rail minimum value to suit the load requirements.
  • Thermal shutdown with latching or auto-retry, and maximum dissipated-power protection, which each prevent exceptionally high power from damaging the STEF01 when starting up into heavy capacitive loads, or during large load transients or short-circuits at high voltage.
  • There is also a power-good indicator, and an enable/fault pin that can be used as either a status monitor or to control the device.
  • A dedicated gate-driver output for controlling an external N-channel MOSFET simplifies implementation of reverse-current protection.

Key Applications Include

The STEF01 delivers flexible and convenient protection for a wide range of applications, including industrial hot-swap boards and control equipment, circuit breakers, power buses, security or lighting systems, telecom power modules, or distributed power systems.

Availability and Pricing

The STEF01 is available now in 14-pin HTSSOP14 package, priced from $1.00 for orders of 1000 pieces. For further information please go to Click here.

For Further info about the new STEF01 programmable electronic fuse from STMicroelectronics: Click here 

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