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Top Trends in Semiconductor Market-2022

Trends 2022 IntroEvery smart or programmable electronics we see around us in everyday lives is influenced and supported by semiconductor chips. The semiconductor market has become the lifeline of most of the emerging technologies we see today.

Being a pre-requisite for every endeavor related to memory chips, semiconductor powers the budding smart technology that will pave the new era of smart connectivity.

Semiconductors possess the unique ability to act as either an insulator or a conductor, depending on several environmental factors. Light, temperature, pressure, electric currents, and even electric fields can cause a considerable change in a semiconductor’s properties. This also helps in determines the conductivity of a semiconductor device that is pivotal to modern based technology.

Solar cells, integrated circuits, transistors and many other computing materials would cease to exist if not for the presence of semiconductor material. Therefore, semiconductor materials have deeply embedded themselves in the computing and electronic product supply chain.

Due to the above-stated reasons, it becomes imperative to explore some of the Top Trends in Semiconductor Market in 2022, to prepare the industry beforehand.

Some of the Top Trends in Semiconductor Market in 2022 are as follows:

Top Trends in Semiconductor Market in 2022

Semiconductor Supply Chain and Key Players

Making to the Top Trends in Semiconductor Market in 2022 is the most hyped controversy of the decade, the semiconductor market has seen a major shift in the supply value chain since the emergence of the US-China Trade wars that have shifted the paradigm of many sectors.

China has prided itself to be the biggest manufacturing hub of Asia’s biggest semiconductor market for many years. But due to the recent strife between the two superpowers, the supply chain of the semiconductor market has shifted to other avenues.

Taiwan’s TSMC and South Korea’s Samsung Electronics have emerged as the largest foundries of the market that contribute over 70% of the semiconductor manufacturing market.

TSMC has come up as the top manufacturer of chips having 10 nanometres and Samsung trails behind that is leading the memory chip market.

Nvidia (NVDA), Qualcomm, Broadcom, AMD are among the well-known U.S. fabless companies that specialize in chip design.

Other countries like Japan and South Korean companies manufacture the majority of wafers. Thus, coming up as one of the Top Trends in Semiconductor Market in 2022.

Pursuing Liquid Cooling Possibilities

ChipsAnother Top Trends in Semiconductor Market in 2022 can be given to the cooling techniques in semiconductor chips. We must have noticed that their smartphones become slightly warm when they charge or are used for a long period. Fortunately, this warmth or heating rarely reaches dangerous levels. This happens largely due to thermal management techniques that are deployed by several semiconductor design experts.

Multichip packaging is one such related trend. As in this type of packaging, several chips are packed into a relatively small area, due to which heat management becomes an even more challenging task to achieve.

Using microchannel cold plates in a semiconductor design is one of the main options to combat this issue as they distribute the coolant evenly across warm surfaces.

Another such option is still in the testing zone as scientists have claimed to develop a new chip design incorporating both a transistor and microfluidic cooling system into it. Thus, makes securing its position in Top Trends in Semiconductor Market in 2022.

Industrial IoT (IIoT)

semiconductorOne such Top Trends in Semiconductor Market in 2022 can be attributed to Industrial IoT services we will encounter during the semiconductor chip manufacturing sites.

Semiconductors act as the backbone for enabling emerging IoT technologies as the IoT revolution has increased the demand for semiconductor chips.

Using a well-constructed strategy, IIoT can cause a significant increase in the production value of semiconductor chips. And can result in the production chain growth surging at a tremendous rate, therefore getting a place in Top Trends in Semiconductor Market in 2022.

Use of AR and VR for Remote Training

ARPandemic has made traveling a tedious task to achieve as many types of air restrictions have been imposed on air travel leading to many delays in the working of business operations. But since work needs to be done regardless, semiconductor manufacturing facilities have to keep the fab running to supply the products to the hands of consumers.

This requires regular maintenance of equipment and parts to be upgraded and serviced to keep them operating in top order. All this requires trained personnel who might not be available due to these travel restrictions, and this is where the use of AR and VR comes into existence.

Though AR cannot replace the expertise of having someone on-site to address these issues physically, AR allows on-site support engineers to help other working personnel with tips and tricks to solve minor issues so that the unit can keep working. This secures a place for another Top Trends in Semiconductor Market in 2022.


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