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Semtech Releases LoRa Basics for Accelerated IoT Applications


Semtech Corporation has released its LoRa Basics, the software building blocks to assist solution developers in quickly realizing the return on investment (ROI) their customers want.

“To get LoRa-based solutions to market faster, developers can leverage Semtech’s free, supported and easy-to-use set of LoRa Basics. LoRa Basics is fully compliant with LoRa Alliance and allows developers as well as enterprises to rapidly develop their applications,” said Steven Hegenderfer, Senior Director of the Developer Ecosystem in Semtech’s Wireless Sensing and Products Group.

The impetus behind LoRa Basics is to take the common LoRaWAN functions that all developers of end devices, gateways or LoRaWAN-based solutions must implement and provide a free, supported set of open source software that is specification compliant. The building blocks represent best practices for the implementation of LoRaWAN-based technologies. Developers can then focus on developing their solutions while getting their applications to market faster with less cost.

The first basic software building block, LoRa Basics Station, was announced in January 2019. LoRa Basics Station is a new LoRaWAN-based gateway packet forwarder with secure and robust data communication and remote gateway management protocols, which are equally suitable to Linux-based gateways as well as resource-constrained embedded gateways.

LoRa Basics MAC, the second basic building block enables the firmware an end-device developer needs to get LoRaWAN-based radios up and running. In addition to a fully LoRaWAN-compliant protocol stack, it provides an event-driven run time with power management, timer handling, and a flexible simulation environment with logical time to facilitate debugging and regression testing.

Future areas of focus for the LoRa Basics suite include firmware updates over the air (FUOTA), both on the end-device and on the backend server, as well as data science notebooks for offline performance analytics.

To make accessing these tools easy, all of the LoRa Basics elements will be available on Semtech’s LoRa Developer Portal, which will also provide access to a comprehensive suite of developer training, documentation, technical resources, and community tools.


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