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Senet Enhances its IoT Device Marketplace Features

Senet has upgraded its IoT Marketplace, making it easier for solution providers, system integrators, and application developers to identify IoT devices that meet the quality standards for commercial operation on LoRaWAN networks.

Senet To support the growing demand for LoRaWAN solutions, including verified sensor-enabled IoT devices, Senet has implemented a tiered device status designation that indicates the level of testing completed on its network.

“Too often, IoT devices are implemented without the appropriate level of testing, leading to field failures, costly replacements or abandoned projects. These avoidable situations undermine one of the primary value propositions of LoRaWAN, which is a ten to fifteen-year end-device life without the need for physical intervention,” said Bruce Chatterley, CEO of Senet. “As the LoRaWAN ecosystem continues to grow, the Senet Marketplace is becoming a central hub for end-users to find the latest devices and solutions. To support this growth and further remove barriers to entry, we continue to welcome submissions from manufacturers and solution providers wanting to partner on device qualification and promotion.”

This testing provides end-users with confidence that devices listed on the Senet Marketplace are compliant with the LoRaWAN® standard and will produce predictable and reliable results when deployed at scale.

This status designation illustrates Senet’s rigorous device testing process which includes pre-join behavior, join scenarios, adaptive data rate, data rate back-off, uplink retransmission, uplink channel utilization and downlink capabilities, and yields a detailed compliance test report that is shared with companies who submit their devices for testing.

Senet’s new Marketplace device status designations include:

  • Pre-Test: Device has passed general connectivity testing on the Senet network
  • Evaluating: Device is in Senet’s labs for testing
  • Senet Recommended: Device has been tested and/or deployed by Senet

Senet has tested hundreds of LoRaWAN devices ranging from smart water meters to asset trackers, environmental sensors, waste fill-level monitors, temperature and humidity sensors, pest traps, building sensors, and many others.

Device manufacturers engaging with Senet benefit from the qualified operation of the largest and most densely deployed public carrier-grade LoRaWAN network in the United States.


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