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Sensemetrics Includes Geosense to IIoT Alliance Program

Sensemetrics has announced that Geosense is the first sensor company in Europe to integrate its portfolio of sensors into sensemetrics’ cloud-based IIoT platform.

IIoT and IoTIt is the only proven plug-and-play sensor management solution that simplifies sensor data capture and provides standardization that will enhance connected real-time data visualisation and intelligence platforms.

Any Geosense analogue or digital sensor can be connected to sensemetrics’ intelligent IIoT device, the Thread, which dynamically creates edge network connectivity and securely transfers data to the cloud. Additional Geosense products such as the SmartMux and Linx Logger provide expanded connectivity features to the system.

The partnership between sensemetrics and Geosense means improved connectivity and data management when monitoring the safety and performance of infrastructure, mining, and energy assets such as dams, tunnels, pipelines, bridges and high-rise buildings.

“We are pleased to be part of a collective effort to connect organizations, people, assets and devices through one cloud-based IIoT platform. Joining the its Alliance Program builds on our commitment to be the industry leader in providing high-quality sensor connectivity to our clients worldwide,” said Martin Clegg, Managing Director of Geosense.

Cory Baldwin, President of sensemetrics, said “We are excited to partner with Geosense and expand our support of their portfolio of geotechnical and structural sensors. Geosense is acknowledged as one of the leading manufacturers of geotechnical instrumentation. sensemetrics provides the preferred IIoT platform across a diverse cross-section of applications, including geotechnical, structural, environmental, geospatial, and process. Geosense complements our industrial focus, and we look forward to serving their customers in Europe and globally.”

The company’s comprehensive integration of IIoT and Cloud technologies greatly reduces the cost and complexity of sensor automation.

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