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Sensirion AG to Present Cutting-Edge Humidity and Temperature Sensors


STAEFA, SWITZERLAND: Come Mobile World Congress this fiscal 2014 and Sensirion AG is being game for presenting its state-of-the-art humidity and temperature sensor christened corporately “SHTW1” which from its quarter, goes on to open up new-fangled prospects in the realm concerning wearable and mobile market by way of its chip-scale packaging technology.

This comprehensive innovation cartels minimal size with maximum performance to delineate the most recent generation of humidity and temperature sensors, empowering unprecedented opportunities. Sensirion fashions space for novel ideas – Tantamounting thus, there is no limit to the range of conceivable uses of the minuscule SHTW1.

Bracing its size and low energy consumption, the fresh SHTW1 humidity and temperature sensor bumps into the onerous expectations of the consumer electronics industry. Approximating all Sensirion sensors, SHTW1 is grounded on CMOSens Technology, which incorporates the sensor component and the evaluation circuit on a sole semiconductor chip. Sensirion is the chief company to use wafer-level chip-scale packaging technology in humidity and temperature sensors. This entails the fact that SHTW1’s package is no larger than the CMOSens Chip itself; hitherto the SHTW1 has the similar functionality as conventional digital humidity and temperature sensors. Consequently, as soon as it comes to usability, space is no longer an apprehension.

By way of miniature dimensions measuring 1.3 x 0.7 x 0.5 mm, SHTW1 will transfigure the market and generate the foundation for a ceaseless array of applications. SHTW1 may possibly enough, soon provide, glasses, followed by watches, articles of clothing or cell phones the sheer aptitude to clasp the sagacity as regard factors of temperature and humidity, making it promising to assimilate the extent of our environs into each fascia of our teeming lives.

The functioning voltage of 1.8V and the low power consumption of just 2 microwatt at 1 measurement per second delivers a peak basis for using the sensor in small, mobile devices. As the stipulations demonstrate, performance was not waived in order to accomplish the tiny size: it measures relative humidity across a range standing at 0% to 100% RH, with a typical accuracy of +/-3% RH. The temperature measurement ranges from -30 degrees C to 100 degrees C with a typical accuracy of +/- 0.3 degrees C. The wholly standardized sensor features an I2C interface and is reflow solderable.

By means of millions of sensors by now in use, Sensirion’s eons of experience coupled with the proficient application know-how it contributes to its customers are irreplaceable in the successful incorporation of the sensor in complex solutions. It has afresh developed the minutest sensor with the prevalent performance on the market with the SHTW1 humidity and temperature sensor. Pooled with first-rate implementation upkeep, Sensirion is unquestionably a step in advance in the midst of the ensuing competition.


Jawed Akhtar

A Journalist by interest and a Music Enthusiast by passion. Wedded to Mother Nature, Jawed indulges his aesthetics in travelling and reading books of varied genres. Having covered News stories for top Dailies in his formative years, that is, he is game for tryst with Technology at Techmagnifier.

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