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Seoul Semiconductor LED Increases Crop Yield

Seoul Semiconductor has announced that its SunLike Series natural spectrum LEDs improves plant cultivation compared to other white LED products and has a stronger nutritional effect.

SunLike Series

The company said it conducted a two-week-long experiment on lettuce using its LED lighting and standard white LED lighting of the same color temperature and light intensity.

Further, the test results revealed that the weight of lettuce cultivated by LED lights of Seoul Semiconductor was 43 grams or 13.5 percent higher than that produced by standard white LEDs. Also, the lettuce grown under the SunLike Series was flavonoid-rich as it had 41 percent more flavonoid content.

The SunLike Series LEDs have been widely used by horticulture lighting manufacturers such as Rofianda B.V. and is also recognized for producing better outcomes.

The LED manufacturer said the test results proved its LED light products help crops grow to be larger and more nutritious than those of its competitors.

“Growers using greenhouses and indoor farms will benefit by selecting horticulture LED lighting from Seoul Semiconductor that offers a natural spectrum close to real sunlight ― one of the key factors in the growth cycle of plants,” said Nam Ki-bum, sales executive vice-president of the company


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