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‘Shadow IoT’ is Compromising Your Security, Still Unaware!

Shadow IoTShopper IoT devices are shockingly less secure when compared to enterprise-grade IoT. Hence it brings the potential volume of insecure traffic on company networks. Internet of Things (IoT) considerably works in different natures to different networks keeping data protection on different priorities. If not heard of the term ‘Shadow IoT’ this report shall enlighten our readers.

A new analysis from security trafficker Zscaler asserts, ‘One in all the foremost serious issues emanates from the growing trend of “shadow IoT,” or the utilization of employee-owned devices on company networks.”

The company’s “IoT in the Enterprise 2020” report says Shadow IoT, the blurring of the line between home and office is making the enterprise network less secure, even as businesses grapple with security issues around strictly corporate IoT endpoints like data collection terminals and industrial control devices.

The report said that fully 83% of all online IoT transactions – the term that Zscaler uses to indicate instances of communication between devices – were sent in plain text, without using SSL, an analysis of network traffic from Zscaler’s customers.

The same glitch was found years ago when BYOD was taking shape. Then, companies’ networks were insufficiently prepared for an influx of new endpoints that they didn’t actually own, causing a rush to develop new ways to secure those networks against both accidental and opportunistic compromise.

The problem now is workers using company networks to connect to less-secure devices, like checking on the nanny cam remotely, according to Zscaler. Thorugh Shadow IoT, bad actors can look for login credentials in all this plain-text communication, and use them to gain access to more secure systems, or enlist insecure devices into botnets.

Security vendors aren’t famous for their balance and restraint when presenting research on the problems their products are intended to solve, notes Zscaler.

Large proportion of insecure, plain-text traffic and the proliferation of consumer IoT devices on corporate networks are undeniably serious issues.


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