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Shamrock Solutions announces new data security solution for sensitive content

Shamrock Solutions LLC

Shamrock Solutions LLC. has developed a new security solution that helps organizations better protect sensitive data and prevent data breaches. It will offer protection by the Perceptive Content process and content management platform.

There have been many data breaches happened earlier that exposed millions of consumer’s sensitive data to unauthorized parties. This kind of security threats not only harms consumer reputation, but also put them at risk of legal action.

Shamrock’s data security solution offers:

  1. At-rest file encryption that makes data secure by Perceptive Content and associated Perceptive Software products.
  2. Includes Compliance Agent, which speedily sorts through document batches stored in Perceptive Content and auto-identifies Social Security Numbers and other kinds of Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information.
  3. Even if an unauthorized party accessed documents like electronic health records, student records or customer files, the sensitive information is protected.
  4. Shamrock’s recognition and redaction tool is 12 times faster than comparative products, ensuring data is secured without interruption.
  5. The solution also provides the ability to add an extra layer of data security for high-risk patient populations.

“Patient data breaches can cost hospitals $25,000 per patient and other organizations are also vulnerable,” said Shamrock founder and CEO Robert Albright. “By safeguarding high-risk groups, redacting SPII and offering at-rest file encryption, we’re helping Perceptive Content users protect their customers and themselves.”

Shamrock’s security solution can be applied to industries like healthcare, government, education and retail.



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