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Shifting Orbits with Artificial Intelligence in Sports

In an exclusive interview with OrbitShifters Inc Founders Prashanth Pollishetty | CEO & Mr. Mahesh CV | Chief AI Officer. The ‘Technovator’ shares the company’s snow-balling story and how the AI-front company believes to change the digitization spree of major sectors using next-gen technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning & Computer Vision. A story worth unveiling below.TECHNOVATORS

  1. Artificial Intelligence market growth is driven by an increasing adoption of cloud-based applications and services, and rise in the connected device market. How do you see this market evolving in India?

The adoption of Artificial intelligence in India is already moving at a rapid pace and it has begun to mimic western countries and bridge the gap of the IT revolution.

Microsoft recently bagged 10B dollar cloud computing contract with US government after a tough battle with Amazon, Google and Oracle. Based on how the market is evolving, I believe we may see a similar situation or dynamics within India. As the government of India is already keen to focus on digitization and AI initiatives, private firms will flock to win big contracts which directly add to pool of funds to develop new technologies.

  1. What are the different AI use cases OrbitShifters is working on?

Our major area of focus now is towards Sports & Games, to solve problems of following roles: Coaches, Broadcasting companies and Brand sponsors. To deliver real-time off-field analytics based on videos. That includes automatic event identification, player profiling, identification of injuries, brand frequency, automatic highlights.

We have been heavily working on Deep Learning, Computer Vision to automate the process. A small change in Sports & Games Industries unlocks millions of dollars for those traditional sectors.

  1. What are the major expectations of the organizations from an Artificial Intelligence solution provider? How do you strategize to meet and exceed these expectations?

As an AI solution provider, the expectations are at large. Since the inception of IT, we are seeing the fastest paradigm shift in the history of technology. Many industry leaders are using AI as a core component in their corporate strategy as well as their business enablers.

We at OrbitShifters are setting right expectations on the outcome and results. Results are incremental as many companies are trapped in Pilot mindset and only a small percentage was able to see the value. So for us it’s all about educating and creating awareness to our clients on the outcomes.

  1. What are the major factors that differentiate Orbit Shifter from its competitors offering similar solutions?

We focus strongly on three major factors for our customers when we deliver solutions:

  • Create new recurring revenue streams
  • Enable new business models
  • Safeguard existing sales Customer experience
  • Personalized touch points
  • Ensure end to end service quality
  • Improve Net promoter score Efficiency
  • Augment human workforce to reallocate headcount
  • Realize cost and investment savings
  • Speed up process times
  1. Sports Vision is an Artificial Intelligence powered platform for multiple sports analytics. How does Sports Vision help to rate player of soccer using rating model and produces match highlights automatically?

Our proprietary machine learning based algorithms rates the players based on the standard FIFA based data points. It caters to the needs of expensive clubs to draft based on single match, league, season and year over year ratings.

Our exciting match highlights feature is another game changing idea that helps any sport to post highlights on social media within a matter of minutes by cutting a ton of time to manual generate the highlights.

  1. How do you manage to deliver your customised AI product with the right functional attribute to the organizations in real-time and at right cost?

When we started we focused on the journey of a client/ customer and spent ample time to understand what would delight our customers.

We manage those expectations as mentioned earlier by thoroughly providing awareness, education and a quick prototype which comes with options to consider on timeline, scaling and money

  1. How did OrbitShifters go about SportsVision initially?

We immersed ourselves in the USA & Australia (Sports club/ franchise companies) and cast a wide net within Sports & Games industries to target several problems. We also did a lot of Ideation workshops to understand the customer pain & problems, 60-day ‘Ignite and Show’ pilots and we surrounded ourselves with lot Industrial folks and Sports SME who shared their knowledge with us.

  1. What challenges/obstacles did you face in your journey so far?

During the initial days, we faced 4 challenges:

  • ACCESS: Access to Business users/Operational heads who would benefit from Applied AI Solution instead of meeting IT teams.
  • TANGIBILITY: The industrial world is used to tangibility; Digital AI solutions are typically very intangible in the electromechanical world.
  • ‘$’ IMPACT: Creating value calculators which linked AI outputs to Business Outcomes and resulting in ‘$’.
  • RESOURCES: Creating a new culture is always difficult to hold and retain resources on a long term basis.

You’ve already hired Y number of people approximately. What would be your pitch to folks out there to join your Organization?

Why does your organization matter in the world?

The digital renaissance in Sports Industry is just getting started. You can either power it using AI or watch it from the sidelines. Join us if you want to power the next-generation digital Sports & Games companies.


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