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SIA Shares Worldwide Sales Report of Semiconductors

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) has announced worldwide sales of semiconductors reached $36.6 billion for the month of October 2019, an increase of 2.9 percent from the previous month’s total of $35.6 billion, but down 13.1 percent compared to the October 2018 total of $42.1 billion.

SemiconductorAdditionally, a newly released industry forecast from the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) organization projects annual global sales will decrease 12.8 percent in 2019, followed by increases of 5.9 percent in 2020 and 6.3 percent in 2021. SIA represents U.S. leadership in semiconductor manufacturing, design, and research, with members accounting for approximately 95 percent of U.S. semiconductor sales.

“While the global semiconductor market has slumped somewhat in 2019 compared to the record sales posted in 2018, the recent trend is more positive, with month-to-month sales increasing in October for the fourth consecutive month,” said John Neuffer, president and CEO, Semiconductor Industry Association. “Global sales are projected to decrease by double digits in 2019, then rebound with moderate growth expected in 2020 and 2021.”

Regionally, sales increased in October 2019 compared to September 2019 across all major regional markets: the Americas (8.6 percent), China (2.9 percent), Japan (1.0 percent), Europe (0.5 percent), and Asia Pacific/All Other (0.4 percent). Sales were down across all regions compared to October 2018: Europe (-7.3 percent), Asia Pacific/All Other (-7.4 percent), Japan (-9.3 percent), China (-10.2 percent), and the Americas (-27.1 percent).

Additionally, SIA today endorsed the WSTS Autumn 2019 global semiconductor sales forecast, which projects the industry’s worldwide sales will be $409.0 billion in 2019, a 12.8 percent decrease from the 2018 sales total of $468.8 billion.

WSTS projects year-to-year decreases across all regional markets for 2019: Europe (-6.9 percent), Asia Pacific (-8.8 percent), Japan (-11.1 percent), and the Americas (-26.7 percent). In 2020 and 2021, global sales are expected to increase by 5.9 percent and 6.3 percent, respectively. WSTS tabulates its semi-annual industry forecast by convening an extensive group of global semiconductor companies that provide accurate and timely indicators of semiconductor trends.

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