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Six Reasons Why SMBs Should Adopt Cloud – A must Read!


In the meanwhile, at the SMBs hometown Cloud takes a jittery position. With the right sense of transfiguring business the medium biz still contain a maze for Cloud.

Here we put six solid reasons why SMBs should adopt cloud:

Benefits the Enterprise quality

Cloud Computing is not just prudent to cut infrastructural cost or business security; the real idea of Cloud can be to cut real sum of levy on SMBs– especially including small office/home office (SOHO).

The Data is Archived and Accessed Over and Over again

Geo-location and virtualization profit are excellent examples of cloud. This means if something occurs at one location another data center has precisely stored all your necessary data. Therefore, if you don’t leverage a cloud this process may be exorbitant as well as risk-taking; which may end up bounding huge budgets to the SMBs.

Which Cloud is Perfect for Your Business

Cloud Services

Cloud Services can be sub-divided into public, private, hybrid, on-premise, or o­ff – premise. Each type is identical integrating different attributes and benefits. But one doesn’t have to get imperative as your provider will usher you to opt the most suited service to your SMB.

Today, many businesses are altering to the hybrid version of cloud meaning mixing on-premise private for some applications, with public Cloud for emails, or even adopting a lesser-known but increasingly viable option, creating a private Cloud that is hosted outside the business by an external provider. Unlike the other options, this can provide tremendous agility benefits while leaving the strategic and operational elements of the in-house IT function intact.

Big Data and Analytics

SMBs are marching towards contemporary cloud solution for their Big Data and Analytics technology which may result a bit costly and technical for their business. Indeed, most of the analytics solutions on the market were built specifically for larger enterprises, making them costly and complex to implement. Today, with big data getting prominent positions across the enterprise, new solutions are introduced to the market each day and some have been created for the specific needs of smaller businesses.

The cloud and big data are sturdy in customer-facing industries like retail, healthcare and energy, small and medium businesses (SMB). Hence, adopting these technologies sooner will benefit your business in the coming days.

Easily Usable and Mobility

Small business employees often work outside the actual office location and hence needing easy access to their data needing mobility. Cloud computing solutions help SMBs to segregate their transactions and inculcate on-premise business paradigms regardless of their anywhere presence. Cloud services helps to avoid hardware upgrades by a small business thereby preventing maintenance woes for utilizing different machines.

Disaster Amelioration

When small and medium business heads up with cloud-based service to store and manage its data, the days of complex disaster recovery becomes history. Cloud computing adds security for small businesses, negating disasters caused by hacking and cyber threats. In the event of a natural disaster, having data in the cloud results less pwer requirements, no space required or physical barriers. The data is ‘Safe’, stored and accessible from any mobile device.

Latest research states that 18% of small and about 57% of medium businesses utilize business intelligence and analytics solutions, there’s a trend towards more omnipresent migration.

Do you think it’s time to put your small business in the cloud? Or are you finding it difficult to understand the growing Trend:

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