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Skillsoft with IBM Research unveils new applications for big data and talent development

Skillsoft with IBM Research

Skillsoft, a global leader in learning and talent management, in partnership with IBM Research has unveiled its next-generation adaptive capabilities at the 2015 Global Skillsoft Perspectives customer conference in Orlando.

Skillsoft has been working with IBM Research over the past 18 months. Skillsoft’s offerings include over 60,000 content assets like courses, videos, and books. This content is delivered to over 19m end users resulting in over 1 trillion learner interactions.

“Combining IBM’s data science digital capabilities with Skillsoft’s content intelligence allows us to computationally model and personalize user journeys using self-learning systems,” said Dr. Anshul Sheopuri, principal research staff member and senior manager of digital, IBM Research. “The system is able to infer relevant learning paths to the individual user and reason how goals are related to content and paths without manual curation or content assignment. This creates a highly engaging experience for users, accelerating talent development that is aligned to personal and organizational goals.”

“In a world where employee engagement is the number one issue keeping business leaders awake at night, organizations must consider the most effective way to put their people at the center of learning and development programs,” said John Ambrose, senior vice president of corporate strategy at Skillsoft. “In this big data initiative, Skillsoft and IBM Research have developed a new patent-pending model and system for delivering precisely relevant content to learners at the moment of need. In addition, this content is in a sequence that makes most sense for each individual to accomplish personal and organizational goals, thus fast-tracking their career development.”

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