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Smart Meters and Top Smart Meter Companies

Smart-meterFrom online payment to OTT platform, each industry following digitalization is booming since two years. Given the pandemic situation a vigorous yet sustainable move towards digitalization seems to be the only way out. Smart phone, smart watches are normal these days, but smart meter has not got that much attention yet. Traditional electricity meter measures the power consumption of a home or business, and majority of people are still using the same. But, now smart meters have also been introduced in the market. Smart meters record the consumption of electric energy, voltage levels, current, and power factor. Smart meters enable two-way communication between the meter and the central system. According to a recent report by Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), all states where smart meters were installed had good results with an average increase in billing of nearly 25%. In the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) area of the national capital, with a billing efficiency of over 99%, revenue has gone up by Rs 500 per month per meter. Given the future of smart meters and India’s potential of adopting it, here we find out the top smart meter companies in the world;

Schneider Electric

The most famous name in the electronic industry has achieved its name in the top smart meter companies in the world. Schneider Electric offers energy efficiency solutions to residential market, buildings, Industry & Infrastructure, and data centres. The company’s range of services and products is quite awesome and provides a holistic solution to its customers. The company has already marked its name in the smart meter industry.

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Elster is a world leader in measuring and improving the flow of natural gas, electricity and water in more than 130 countries. With one of the most extensive installed revenue measurement bases in the world and more than 200 million metering modules deployed over the course of the last 10 years alone, Elster is enabling the vital connections between technology and Earth’s energy and resources for the global community and that’s make it one of the top smart meter companies in the world.

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General Electric

General Electric (GE) brings to market innovative solutions that deliver essential energy, healthcare and transportation infrastructure. The company works with the highest integrity, compliance culture and respect for human rights while also reducing the impact of technology and environmental footprint.​ Its smart meter has made its name in one of the top smart meter companies in the world.

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One of the top smart meter companies in the world, Kalkitech connects control systems & sensors and computing systems to build a digital, smarter, cleaner and more equitable world. Kalkitech provides edge software, edge analytics, edge hardware, middleware, cloud software, application software, consulting and implementation services and integration solutions to enable digital transformation for the Industries.

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Itron is an American technology company that offers products and services on energy and water resource management. Its products and services include technology solutions related to smart grid, smart gas and smart meter that measure and analyze electricity, gas and water consumption, Its products include electricity, gas, water and thermal energy measurement devices and control technology; communications systems; software as well as managed and consulting services. Itron has over 8,000 customers in more than 100 countries. These reasons are enough to make it one of the top smart meter companies in the world.

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