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SoftChef and u-blox Announce Partnership

u-blox emphasizes that the modules can be used to offer MQTT Anywhere and MQTT Flex connectivity via the Thingstream IoT service delivery platform.

SoftChef has recently signed a strategic partnership with u-blox and is looking to deepen cooperation in the future.

PartnerSoftChef is going to offer IoT expertise, combining u-blox’s comprehensive positioning and wireless communication modules and Thingstream IoT service delivery platform to create more integrated IoT services. SoftChef and u-blox share the vision of bringing more robust and reliable solutions to the smart industry, targeting smart transportation and Bluetooth Low Energy positioning applications.

SoftChef has been a leader in the IoT industry and is specialized in leveraging innovative cloud technologies. “Business feasibility is one of the most important factors for smart applications. In the face of the rapid growth of the smart transportation market, there are increasing requirements for ultra-low latency,” said MinChe Tsai, CTO of SoftChef. “Together with u-blox, we can solve problems ranging from cloud framework to endpoint transmission. We are looking to deliver brand new values to customers by offering reliable data transmission for moving objects with minimized data packets.”

“u-blox has been leading the progress of positioning and wireless communication technologies. Through this strategic partnership, SoftChef and u-blox will be able to offer more integrated end-to-cloud solutions that better connect to multi-field applications in the industry.”

Applying Edge Computing to Meet Market Needs

u-blox emphasizes that the modules can be used to offer MQTT Anywhere and MQTT Flex connectivity via the Thingstream IoT service delivery platform. Those modules make u-blox’s global roaming services robust, low-power and low cost. Unlike other roaming service providers who often choose MQTT, u-blox applies MQTT-SN as the protocol, since MQTT-SN has a smaller data packet and higher adaptability.

“As far as we know, MQTT-SN is common in battery-based sensors,” said MinChe Tsai. “With comparatively smaller data packets and lower power consumption, MQTT-SN sensors usually have a longer battery lifespan. Although we still need to consider memory when assessing the overall lifespan, MQTT-SN is undoubtedly a promising protocol for IoT applications. Once we settle the protocol, we can surely extract the data in the cloud.”

Speaking of smart applications, data security, load balancing, and business logic integration are crucial. Thingstream is able to transmit MQTT-SN data to the assigned cloud servers or enterprise databases. However, an organization needs a platform with well-functioning business logic to run a successful business. As a result, SoftChef offers managing platforms that combine data analytics and business logic to help companies reach the point of commercial operation.

SoftChef and u-blox combine two of the smart industry’s most influential technologies, creating a vigorous ecosystem that drives next-generation enterprise innovation.

“SoftChef aims at providing neat solutions which satisfy business demands in a way that maximizes business values,” said Josh Chai, SoftChef CEO. “We are positioned to accelerate ESG transformation with the domain knowledge of SoftChef and u-blox. The strategic partnership with u-blox is strengthening our expertise in AIoT, AI, edge computing and digital twins and helps create more value for our clients.”


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