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Sonoff TX Series Touch Switches Now at TME

Sonoff TX series switches can be used in homes and offices using Smart Home / Smart Office solutions.

TME has recently started stocking Sonoff portfolio of high-quality products used in intelligent buildings with Sonoff touch switches.

Sonoff Touch Switches TMEThe systems offered by the manufacturer make it easy to upgrade an existing installation.

In the TME catalog, you can find many products belonging to this family, e.g., wireless network sockets and bulb sockets, controllers, sensors, cameras or various accessories.

A large part of them are products of the TX series. These switches are installed in junction boxes and, depending on the model, have 1, 2 or 3 backlit buttons, that can be activated by touch, through a dedicated app on mobile devices or by voice, by coupling the switch with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

To take full advantage of the functionality of the TX switches, they need to be connected to a local computer network.

This can be done both via a wireless Wi-Fi network or using a LAN network, especially in case of wireless network problems (e.g., due to location, thick reinforced concrete walls, or too many devices on Wi-Fi).

Sonoff TX series switches can be used in homes and offices using Smart Home / Smart Office solutions.

The white and black color versions of the switches match most decor styles.

Wireless switches are not only convenient and modern – but they are also an excellent solution in interior design for people with disabilities or limited mobility.


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