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Spectrum Adds Digital I/O Card in its M2p Series

Spectrum Instrumentation has finally completed its M2p family of PCIe-cards with the recent addition of a Digital I/O card.

Spectrum Instruments Together with the comprehensive, matching set of digitizers and Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs), customers can now create economical, multi-channel, Test & Measurement systems to precisely meet their needs for signal acquisition and waveform generation in the speed range of up to 125 MSamples per second.

The M2p cards are all half-length PCIe-cards so that they can be inserted into almost any desktop PC to create a system that perfectly fits the specifications required.

The M2p series consists of 39 different products in three different instrumentation classes. There are 24 digitizers for analog signal acquisition, 14 AWGs for analog signal generation, and a Digital I/O card that can both acquire or generate high-speed digital signals.

All the M2p products utilize a common platform board onto which various modules are mounted to create the 39 different models. Sharing base card technology allows all the classes of the instrument to work well together, providing similar features and programming. Shared technology also lowers production costs and increases reliability.

Another advantage is that each product uses the same clock and trigger circuitry. This allows the cards to be connected by a clock and trigger distribution module called “Star-Hub” that provides complete system synchronization.

The Star-Hub allows up to 16 cards to be connected and makes it easy to create systems with as many as 128 analog or 512 digital channels.

The M2p series enables customers to mix and match almost any combination of the digitizer, AWG and digital I/O cards to create their own, customized, multi-channel, test system.

Fully programmable, all the M2p cards come complete with drivers for Windows and Linux, as well as programming examples for C/C++, LabVIEW, MATLAB, Visual Basic .NET, Python, Julia, and other popular programming languages.


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