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SS Innovations Goes Global!

SS Innovations has become the first company in South Asia to launch a fully 'Made in India' surgical robot SSI Mantra.

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In order to revolutionise the future of robotic surgeries across the global, SS Innovations has signed an acquisition with Avra Medical Robotics. Now, the company is available on NASDAQ.
Recently,  SS Innovations has become the first company in South Asia to launch a fully ‘Made in India’ surgical robot SSI Mantra.
“The union of Avra Medical Robotics with SSI will revolutionise the medical service all over the world hailing the spirit of Made in India, Atmanirbhar Bharat, said Dr. Sudhir P Srivastava.
“It is wonderful to be here in India. I have visited this country many times over the last fifty years. I am so happy for taking along my company Avra Medical Robotics into a marriage with Dr. Srivastava’s SSI Innovations.”
SS Innovations claims that SSI Mantra can perform complex operations at low cost when compared to the existing systems while maintaining quality standards. With five arms on Mantra, surgeons will be able to perform procedures with more accuracy in less time. This is expected to result in faster recovery, and better patient outcomes.”


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