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SSI Presents SSI MANTRA Surgical Robotic System

Robotic surgeries, though eventful and most effective is still very scarce to be used. Due to being expensive and associated with a steep learning curve, robotic systems are very limited across the world of over six billion population.

SSIPioneering towards this goal and leading with a vision to offer minimally invasive robotic surgery solutions, Sudhir P. Srivastava and his team introduced SSI MANTRA (Multi-Arm Novel Tele Robotic Assistance) Surgical Robotic System, with a live demonstration, in New Delhi.

The event marked the presence of national media at the launch alongside attendance from dignitaries like Amitabh Kant, CEO Niti Ayog via web-conferencing.

“Robotics shall be the future of surgery, and my vision is to create a technologically advanced system that will be cost-effective, easy to use, and can be applied to all surgical specialties. Thus, benefitting most patients around the world. Compared to conventional surgery, robotic surgery results in smaller incisions that reduce pain, scarring and lead to a quicker recovery.” said Srivastava, one of the early pioneers in minimally invasive and robotic cardiac surgery.

The MANTRA system was recently utilized for the first human pilot study at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, where the surgeons completed 18 complex Urology, Gynaecology and General Surgery procedures in less than a month.

Present at the launch event, Sudhir Rawal, Medical Director RGCI added, “The dedicated team of engineers and scientists at SS Innovations have been working hard under Srivastava’s guidance for the past few years to develop a cost-effective robotic surgical system. I congratulate them on this launch. I have been closely involved in the clinical trials myself, and the results have been outstanding.”

The SSI Mantra surgical robotic system can be utilized for all major surgical specialties including Urology, General Surgery, Gynaecology, Thoracic, Cardiac, and Head & Neck Surgery.

The SSI Mantra System shall additionally have automated enabling technologies for coronary bypass and valve operations.


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