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ST Controls and Secures Contactless NFC in Google Pixel 7

Google Pixel 7 arrived in the marketplace on October 7.

STMicroelectronics has revealed that its ST54K IC is handling control and security for contactless NFC communication in the newly launched Google Pixel 7 smartphone.

google-pixel-7Chosen by Google’s designers, ST’s device combines NFC control and a certified Secure Element in a single chip that saves space and simplifies handset design.

Containing proprietary technologies that enhance NFC contactless sensitivity, the ST54K was selected to ensure the most reliable connectivity, deliver excellent contactless user experiences, and ensure the highest contactless transaction security.

For Google’s Pixel 7, ST has combined the ST54K with the mobile secure operating system (OS) by Thales. The OS meets the highest security industry standards and supports convergence of the embedded SIM (eSIM) with other secure NFC applications into the same ST54K secure element.

Marie-France Li-Saï Florentin, Microcontrollers & Digital ICs Group Vice President, Secure Microcontroller Division General Manager, STMicroelectronics, commented, “Google chose the ST54K for its excellent performance, low power, and robust security that meets the highest CC EAL5+ assurance. As a result, it ensures the best possible user experience and protection for contactless transactions.”

Emmanuel Unguran, SVP Mobile Connectivity Solutions, Thales, added, “The combination of ST’s ST54K with our secure OS and personalization capabilities provides a certified and evolutive solution for smartphones to support diverse digital services. These include embedded SIM for instant connectivity, and digital wallet services, such as transit ticketing and digital car keys. It is also the first in the Android ecosystem to support the eSIM Multiple Enabled Profiles.”

Google Pixel 7 arrived in the marketplace on October 7. ST’s ST54K single-chip NFC controller and secure element, combined with Thales’ secure OS, now represents a proven solution for reliable and high-performing contactless functionality in Android handsets and is available to all OEMs without restriction.


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