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ST Expands Its Family of Galvanic Isolated High-Side Smart Power Switch


The STMicroelectronics ISO8200AQ galvanic isolated octal high-side smart power switch enhances diagnostics and system management by providing a 20 MHz SPI port allowing both per-channel over-temperature signalization and efficient daisy-chaining of multiple devices. A power-good output indicates the status of the process-side power supply.

The device enlarges ST’s family of galvanic isolated high-side switches, featuring maximum safety and robustness in demanding applications such as industrial PLCs, PCs, or peripherals, and numeric-control machines in conventional factory automation or Industry 4.0 smart-factory scenarios.

The Key Features of the STMicroelectronics‘ Galvanic Isolated High-Side Smart Power Switch include:

  • Vdemag = VCC – 45 V (per channel)
  • RDS(on) = 0.11 Ω (per channel)
  • IOUT = 0.7 A (per channel)
  • VCC = 45 V
  • SPI interface with daisy chaining
  • 5 V and 3.3 V TTL/CMOS and μC compatible I/Os
  • Common output enable/disable pin
  • Fast demagnetization of inductive loads
  • Reset function for IC outputs disable
  • Very low supply current
  • Undervoltage shutdown with auto restart and hysteresis
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Per-channel overtemperature protection
  • Thermal independence of separate channels
  • Case overtemperature protection
  • Loss of Ground and Supply protections
  • Overvoltage protection (VCC clamping)
  • Common fault open drain output
  • Power GOOD open drain output
  • High common mode transient immunity
  • ESD protection

An extensive ecosystem of support tools helps users get the best performance from the ISO8200AQ. These include the X-NUCLEO-OUT02A1 demonstration board, which simplifies evaluating and fine-tuning the setup, and the STSW-IFAPGUI graphical user interface that helps visualize the device behavior. The X-NUCLEO-OUT02A1 takes advantage of the IC’s internal galvanic isolation between logic and power stages, and adds reverse-polarity protection and EMC precautions meeting IEC61000-4-2, IEC61000-4-4, and IEC61000-4-5, to satisfy industrial safety standards.

The ISO8200AQ is available now in 9mm x 11mm 32-pin TFQFPN32, priced from $3.125 for orders of 1000 pieces.

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