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ST Honored with Prestigious IEEE Milestone

STMicroelectronics has been recognized with an IEEE Milestone for its ground breaking work in the super-integrated silicon-gate semiconductor process technology combining the high-precision analog transistors from a Bipolar process, with the high-performance digital switching transistors from a CMOS process, and with the high-power DMOS (BCD) transistors onto a single chip for complex, power-demanding applications.

STDuring a live/virtual ceremony held at ST’s plant in Agrate Brianza, Giambattista Gruosso, IEEE Italy Section Humanitarian Activities Committee Coordinator and past Secretary, and Jean-Marc Chery, President and CEO of STMicroelectronics, unveiled the IEEE Milestone plaque.

“Blending the high-precision capabilities of Bipolar transistors with the digital control of CMOS, and the high-power benefits of DMOS in the early 80s was an exceptional achievement. It could only have been done by an incredibly talented technical team operating within an organization that had the vision and foresight to recognize the value of smart power, which was then a unique concept,” said Jean-Marc Chery, President and CEO, STMicroelectronics. “Now, we are 35 years, 9 technical generations, 5 million wafers, and 40 billion chips sold later – almost 3 billion delivered last year. We proudly welcome this IEEE Milestone plaque, which recognizes ST’s BCD invention among the select group of technologies that have advanced mankind.”

The plaque will be mounted in two ST locations around Milan, Italy, where the development work on the Multiple Silicon-Gate Multipower BCD work was performed: at the main entrances to two ST sites: Agrate (located in Agrate Brianza, Italy) and Castelletto (Cornaredo, Milan, Italy).

SGS (now STMicroelectronics) pioneered the super-integrated silicon-gate process combining Bipolar, CMOS, and DMOS (BCD) transistors in single chips for complex, power-demanding applications.

The first BCD super-integrated circuit, named L6202, could control up to 60V-5A at 300kHz. Subsequent automotive, computer, and industrial applications extensively adopted this process technology, which enabled chip designers flexibly and reliably to combine power, analog, and digital signal processing.

Since launching the BCD process, ST has sold 40 billion devices using ST Silicon-Gate Multipower BCD and is soon to begin production of the 10th generation of the technology.

The technology used in front- and back-end manufacturing sites in Europe and Asia are ubiquitous in the market and can be found across a range of automotive subsystems, in smartphones, home appliances, audio amplifiers, hard disks, power supplies, printers, pico-projectors, lighting, medical equipment, motors, modems, displays, and more.


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