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ST Tweaks Ecosystem and Performance on STM32 MPU

STMicroelectronicsSTMicroelectronics is expanding its STM32MP1 microprocessor (MPU) offering. ST has now announced the addition of new authorized partners, new software functionalities, and a significant performance bump by increasing the clock speed to 800MHz, maintaining software and pin-to-pin compatibility with the 650MHz devices.

The new STM32MP1 MPUs, now running dual Arm Cortex-A7 application processor cores at 800MHz and the Cortex-M4 core at 209MHz, deliver more performance in Voice and Audio Processing, up to HD Video Decoding quality, more powerful AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities in Neural-Network and Machine-Learning applications, and better user experience in Android systems. The devices feature compute and 3D graphics accelerators combined with power-efficient real-time control and high feature integration.

Capitalizing on the flexible STM32MP1 architecture, the security has been enhanced to protect the customer’s code through features like secure boot by authentication, available One-Time Programmable fuses for customers, and a secure operating system (OP-TEE: Trusted Execution Environment). A complete security toolset including Keys Generator, Signing Tools, STM32CubeProgrammer, and Hardware Security Module (STM32HSM) allows secure provisioning of the customers’ secrets into the device.

 The OpenSTLinux Distribution as a mainlined open-source Linux with all the essential building blocks for running software on the application-processor cores is now supplemented with Android developer packages and Cloud support to accelerate customer development. ST continues to actively participate in the Linux community with its strong mainlining strategy.

On top of the strong software tool offer including STM32CubeMX and STM32CubeProgrammer, the STM32CubeIDE debugger is now available on Cortex M-4 core.

Fast growth in the number of authorized partners greatly expands the customers’ capabilities and speeds their development progress using the STM32MP1 series MPUs.

In addition to Embedded Software and Software Development tools, partners can contribute expertise in Training and Engineering Services. ST works with multiple System-on-Module makers, including Phytec, when local support and system flexibility is required.

STM32MP1 MPUs are industrial-qualified with a junction temperature from -40°C to 125°C combined with 100% activity rate during 10 years. STM32MP1 part numbers supporting Cortex-A7 at 800MHz are in production now, priced starting at $4.83 for orders of 10,000 pieces. Other pricing options are available.

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