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ST Unveils New Automotive Transient Voltage Suppressor

STMicroelectronics has introduced ESDCAN03-2BM3Y dual automotive-qualified low-capacitance transient voltage suppressor (TVS) protects CAN and CAN-FD interfaces by delivering market-leading all-around performance in a tiny package.

STAt 1.1mm x 1.0mm, the new TVS meets the automotive industry’s need for highly miniaturized and high-performing protection devices for the increasing numbers of high-density ECUs (Electronic Control Units) such as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), autonomous driving controllers, and automotive gateways.

Using this device, ST designers can save 75% or more of the PCB space needed by conventional Transient Voltage Suppressor in SOT23-3L and SOT323-3L packages.

The ESDCAN03-2BM3Y ensures outstanding transient protection with clamping voltage as low as 33V (8/20µs at 1A) and 37V (transmission-line pulse (TLP) at 16A). Passing ISO 16750-2 jump-start and reversed-battery tests, the device is also extremely robust, withstanding 15kV ESD contact discharge (ISO 10605) and, with a 3.3A peak pulse rating, able to handle strong current surges.

On top of CAN and CAN-FD, the line capacitance of just 3.3pF allows the Transient Voltage Suppressor to protect high-speed and high-data-rate buses such as FlexRay and USB. In addition, such minimal capacitance eases PCB design by allowing extra margin when laying out signal paths.

The maximum junction temperature rating of 175°C allows deployment in locations throughout the vehicle, from the cabin to the engine compartment with severe mission profiles.

With an extremely low leakage current of 50nA at 24V, the ESDCAN03-2BM3Y minimizes battery drain when the vehicle is turned off, helping to preserve the state of charge and maximize the driving range in electric-vehicle (EV) applications.


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