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STMicroelectronics Debuts New Dynamic NFC Tag Memories


STMicroelectronics has introduced a new family of “dynamic NFC tag” memories, namely M24SR that will make consumer devices, domestic appliances, and industrial equipment smarter, more flexible, and easier to use.

With these memories, adding Near Field Communication (NFC) capability to any kind of devices or appliances including loudspeakers, printers, cookers, washing machines, electricity, gas, and water meters, etc., will become easy.

Mentioning about the benefits of embedding NFC capability into any kind of equipment or device, Mr. Benoit Rodrigues, GM, STMicroelectronics Memories Division said that “The key benefit of embedding NFC capability into almost any kind of equipment or device is that the device can then be designed to offer all the features that would be possible if they had keyboards, graphic displays and Internet connections, without actually having to incorporate these expensive and space-consuming features into the equipment itself; the user’s smartphone already has them and can ‘lend’ them.”

The new dynamic NFC tag memories family will also make Bluetooth pairing between a smartphone and an audio device convenient as users are just required to wave their smartphone by the NFC-enabled audio device.

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