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STMicroelectronics Demonstrates its Latest Solutions and Products at MWC Shanghai 2018

Under the theme “If it’s Smart, We’re There,” ST will showcase its products and solutions for IoT Connectivity & Cloud, Security & Industry, Sensor & Processing, and Smart Driving applications.


STMicroelectronics exhibits at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai 2018 on the 27th till 29th June.

Under the theme of “If it’s smart, we’re there,” ST will showcase its products and solutions for IoT Connectivity & Cloud, Security & Industry, Sensor & Processing, and Smart Driving applications.

Connectivity & Cloud: While M2M networks connect machines in closed systems, IoT enhances the existing networks through an intelligent cloud. ST offers multiple wireless-connectivity options enabling customers to quickly and conveniently connect to the cloud.

One of the demos on display is a yogurt machine powered by the STM32F7 microcontroller. Together with a Wi-Fi and 4G module, the demo showcases the cloud and pay system. Once a visitor scans the two-dimension code to complete the pay action, the machine automatically dispenses the yogurt.

Another highlight is an Interactive Digital Table, which shows ST products and solutions for Smart-Thing applications. Visitors can discover the Company’s broad offering through real-world application examples, as well as various end products and solutions from ST customers and ecosystem partners. These include GizWits Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and Baidu Cloud wireless-connectivity demos showing how the STM32-based applications connect to IoT cloud services offered by respective partners.

Some other demos include the AWS Voice and EDGE voice-control solution with voice interaction for Smart-Home and Smart-City applications, edge-computing functionality, and multiple IoT nodes; smart devices based on ST’s BlueNRG BLE SoCs; multiple wireless-charging solutions addressing different needs; and an 60GHz short-range contactless low-power, high-bandwidth transceiver.

Security & Industry: With the rapid growth of IoT and fast-paced automation process driven by Industry 4.0, today’s online services and connections to remote objects need a higher level of protection against cyber threats. ST is taking the lead to empower device makers with state-of-the-art security for a minimum integration effort.

At the event, ST will display its latest NFC solutions for mobile payment, mobile transit ticketing, and mobile security applications; an eSIM solution for mobile phones, wearables, notebooks/tablets, and IoT; an eSE secure solution for cars and a smart POS (point-of-sale) machine based on the ST25 NFC contactless reader and a smart lock based on the ST95HF read-write reader.

In industrial applications, ST will demonstrate its BlueNRG-MESH for Smart Building & Smart Industry, IoT kits, and Bluetooth low energy modules for Smart Industry; a Predictive Maintenance demo with a compact low-voltage dual motor-control evaluation board for condition monitoring and early motor-failure detection, as well as eSIM / M2M solutions for industrial and telematics applications; IO-Link to enable communications between different end devices and sensors for industrial use.

Sensor & Processing: As a leader in MEMS and sensor innovation, production, and application, ST is capable of providing multiple offerings and customized solutions to meet customers’ needs.

ST will demonstrate a number of applications based on ST’s motion MEMS and environmental sensors including a smartwatch and a wristband with 50-meter waterproof functions equipped with the LPS35HWTR pressure sensor; a drone using the LPS22HB pressure sensor for height measure; a laser diastimeter with ST’s LIS2DH12TR motion sensor inside for tilt detection; and integrated development and prototyping kits for augmented acoustic and motion sensing in IoT applications.

Additionally, ST will show its FlightSense Time-of-Flight sensors for proximity, ranging, user detection and obstacle avoidance. These sensors are integrated with flagship smartphones and home appliances. ST will also display its image sensor focusing on e-mirror for automotive applications.

Smart Driving: With the pervasion of smart connected electronic systems throughout the vehicle, the car has transformed from a simple transportation tool to a sophisticated technology hub. Through its complete portfolio of products and solutions, leading-edge technologies, and a solid track record of partnerships with automotive suppliers, ST is at the forefront of providing drivers and passengers with safer, greener, and more connected driving experience.

In Smart Driving, ST will showcase its broad portfolio of automotive products and demonstrate solutions for V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communications for road safety and mobility user-experience enhancement, ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System), Radar, and innovative Infotainment and Telematics Solutions.

Visit ST’s booth (N1.C62) at MWC Shanghai 2018 in Shanghai, China, 27-29 June 2018.

Web for the event: Click here

Web for STMicroelectronics:  Click here


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