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STMicroelectronics Hosts STM32 Summit 2019 in Shenzhen


STMicroelectronics will host the STM32 Summit 2019 at Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai, Shenzhen, China, on April 26-27. Into its 4th year, the STM32 Summit has become a highly anticipated annual large-scale technology showcase revealing the latest IoT and embedded innovations for thousands of developers.

The STM32 Summit 2019 concentrates on 3 major topics:

  • AI & Computing
  • Industry & Security
  • Cloud & Connectivity

AI & Computing

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is shaping the Chinese market at a break-neck pace. ST already has the solutions to build the next generation of smart devices with the hardware necessary to gather more information, as well as the software libraries to process that data, and the microcontrollers to interpret, analyze, and run AI applications.

The company’s AI Developers Lab will showcase how ST is making Neural Networks run simple, fast, and optimized on its industry-leading STM32 microcontrollers (MCU). Attendees will get a chance to explore how a Human Machine Interaction demo uses a touchscreen for AI-enabled hand-writing character recognition.

One of the main demos at the STM32 Summit from a third party will be Orphe Track, the first shoe log platform from Japan’s No New Folk Studio. Resting on the Orphe Core, a sensor module that uses ST components, the shoe can track the user’s movements with extreme precision and efficiency. The AI inside the Core learns from data generated from the user’s walking and running form to give suggestions on how they can improve their efficiency. It also can record users’ daily patterns and health condition and link up with various fitness and insurance services.

Further, ST will demonstrate AI features on its recently announced STM32MP1 microprocessor through connected-home and motor-control demos, a bone-conductive microphone demo, as well as a range of STM32 MCU devices with embedded AI that deliver high-performance processing, low power consumption, high-quality user-interface design, and other demos.

Industry & Security

The major highlights at the Summit will include:

  • ST will demonstrate a range of solutions for industrial applications, including motor control, predictive maintenance, robust and accurate industrial sensing, as well as secure solutions for IoT nodes to meet and anticipate the requirements for security and communications across industrial, automotive, and personal, and Internet-of-Things applications.
  •  At STM32 Summit 2019, a demo will show how ST sensors can anticipate failures in a motor and help prevent sudden downtimes as well as significant repair costs by assisting a company in scheduling and performing maintenance operations before an incident takes place.
  •  The company will showcase its STM32L5 MCU with a Cortex-M33 built on Arm’s TrustZone, a mechanism that isolates information, safeguards the system’s firmware and the secure boot, among others, while using hardware acceleration to maintain the same level of performance.  STSAFE feature-rich Secure-Element devices will also be showcased.
  • With an extensive portfolio and leadership in MCUs, sensors, power, and communications and secure-semiconductor technologies, ST will demonstrate how customers can keep their products running, communicating, and operating safely and reliably.

Cloud & Connectivity

Working closely with its partners, ST is committed to delivering comprehensive Cloud & Connectivity solutions to answer China’s technology challenges.

In hardware, ST will demonstrate a Bluetooth mesh application running on the STM32WB wireless SoC. Another highlight is a 6LoWPAN pack, which can create a network and send data to the Internet in just a few steps. ST will also be showing its BlueTile (STEVAL-BCN002V1B) and STEVAL-FKI001V1 development boards that use Bluetooth and sub-GHz networks to connect applications to the Cloud.

At the Summit, ST will also demonstrate software solutions in collaboration with Chinese heavyweights that enable developers to quickly connect to local cloud infrastructures, including the I-CUBE-ALIYUN (Alibaba Cloud), I-CUBE-BAIDU (Baidu Cloud), and I-CUBE-GIZWITS (Gizwits). These all benefit from ST’s proven IoT Discovery kit (B-L475E-IOT01A).

In addition, ST is partnering with local telco companies to make cloud computing more accessible through existing infrastructures. The major Chinese telcos like China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom will also be present at the Summit.

ST’s successful collaboration with start-ups and smaller companies will also be the highlight of the event, including showing some fascinating projects, like a smart toothbrush that uses ST’s BlueNRG-2 SoC and MEMS or a connected shelf that tracks inventories.

Other Event Highlights

In addition, to live demonstrations, other highlights of the STM32 Summit 2019 include:

  •  Keynote: ST’s management will share the Company vision on the fast-paced semiconductor industry with its many exciting and emerging application areas.
  •  Technical presentations: More than 40 curated sub-tracks and tailored technical workshops by ST and its strategic partners.
  • STM32 Fans Carnival: STM32 AI embedded dancing shoes (Orphe Track) experiential zone, onsite tech sharing, and fun games with attractive prizes to be won.
  • Free NUCLEO boards: Complimentary NUCLEO boards will be given out on Day 2.


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