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STMicroelectronics Offers High-Accuracy MEMS Sensors for Predictive Maintenance

Vishal Goyal from STMicroelectronics shares the future of advanced automation ahow their High-Stability MEMs sensor is set to redefine IIoT in India

Fostering its focus further in the IIoT segment with its MEMs sensors, STMicroelectronics recently concluded its successful annual press briefing on MEMS sensors. While sharing dialogue on their added focus and ST’s strategies, Vishal Goyal, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, Analog and MEMS Group, RF, Sensors and Analog Custom Products, Asean-ANZ and India, STMicroelectronics shared the future of advanced automation and how their marquee Industrial-Ready, High-Stability MEMs sensor sporting 10-years product-longevity is set to redefine the term IIoT lauding Indian scenario. Edited Nub.  

  1. What is ST’s technology leadership in MEMS & Sensors and why customers should choose your products?

ST is # 1 in MEMS sensors for consumer and mobile and # 2 in MEMS micro-actuators. Our MEMS products target a wide array of applications in computer peripherals, automotive, industrial and consumer markets. ST has a comprehensive offer of sensors (Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Pressure, humidity and temperature.

ST has innovative MEMS sensors which have strong demand in India.  Secondly, ST is making things easier for its customers and start-ups by not only providing IC but also by providing solutions. ST is helping to develop strong knowledge base by providing its reference solutions and actual demos that are close to end application. We have expertise in technology and provide unique proposition such as MEMS sensor, Microcontroller, NFC and Smart meters to demonstrate our technology leadership.

ST technology

  1. Tell us about ST’s strategy for MEMS?

ST strategy is to bring a different solution to customer or vendors so that they know from where to start. ST is giving them reference solutions and actual demos, to make them understand solution completely so that they can implement it into their business. India is a mass market country and ST is supporting it by its advanced technology and unique propositions.

 3. Please highlight ST MEMS product range?

ST´s MEMS products target a wide array of applications in computer peripherals, automotive, industrial and consumer markets. ST has already established itself as the market leader in MEMS technology for Consumer and a mobile application. ST is fastest growing MEMS sensors Company in automotive. In automotive, we have a strong position in non-safety applications such as telematics and anti-theft system. We have also entered into airbag sensor application. For Industry 4.0, ST provides a complete range of products suitable to be applied in early failure detection and predictive maintenance systems where vibration, temperature, pressure, sound and acoustics analysis are needed. Now we are strongly focusing into industrial MEMS sensor. 

ST MEMS-product

4. Which products will be covered under ST’s 10-year longevity program?

ST’s 10-year longevity commitment assures long-term availability of a wide range of high-performing components used in industrial equipment, helping vendors handle the typically long in-market lifetimes of their products and extended operation in challenging environmental conditions. In addition to industrial sensors, the program covers STM32 microcontrollers, motor drivers, analog components, power converters, LEDs, and existing MEMS sensors that will be supported for at least 10 years.

The new sensors, to be made available during 2018, begin with the IIS3DHHC, a 3-axis accelerometer optimized for high measurement resolution and stability to ensure accuracy over time and temperature. The IIS3DHHC targets precision inclinometers in antenna-positioning mechanisms for communication systems, Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) equipment for keeping buildings and bridges safe, and stabilizers or levelers for a wide variety of industrial platforms. Its long-term accuracy and robustness are also ideal for high-sensitivity tilt and security sensors, as well as image stabilization in high-end Digital Still Cameras (DSCs).


  1. Throw light on Predictive Maintenance demos

Vibration Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance

In industrial applications, ST has a Predictive Maintenance demo with a compact low-voltage dual motor-control evaluation board for condition monitoring and early motor-failure detection, as well as eSIM / M2M solutions for industrial and telematics applications; IO-Link to enable communications between different end devices and sensors for industrial use.


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