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STMicroelectronics gives Set-Top Boxes via South Africa’s MultiChoice

STMicroelectronicsNew Delhi: STMicroelectronics , a comprehensive semiconductor leader helping customers across the spectrum of electronics applications and a primary supplier of System-on-Chip (SoC) ICs for set-top boxes and home gateways, has revealed that its STiH237 System-on-Chip (SoC) will be fueling the newest generation of High-Definition (HD), non-PVR set-top boxes presently under development by MultiChoice, South Africa’s principal pay-TV operator.

The STiH237, chunk of ST’s upheld STiH207 family, features a DVB-S2 demodulator, high-performance ST40 processing core with interface to low-cost DDR3 memory, H264/MPEG2/VC-1/AVS video decoder, and connectivity plus HDMI1.4, USB2.0 and Ethernet. The Model for building competitively priced satellite zapper boxes with a small footprint, it delivers best-in-class performance with ostentatious processing and high audio/video quality, qualifying operators to supplement new services quickly and cost-effectively.

“The STiH237 SoC is clearly the right choice for our latest generation of set-top boxes, “reportedly said Gerdus van Eeden, CEO of Broadcast Technology at MultiChoice. Adding further, that, “ST offered a chipset with the right power, versatility and features to meet our market needs. It was also offered at a price that made the important transition from SD MPEG 2 to HD MPEG 4 on our DTH zappers affordable to our business.”

“This is an important design win for ST. MultiChoice is South Africa’s leading pay-TV service provider, and has a distinguished heritage as one of the first such operators to launch outside the US,” states Alessandro Messi, Vice President and General Manager, South, East Europe and Emerging Market Sales Unit, STMicroelectronics. Volumnising, that, “The number of customers placing their trust in our STiH207 family continues to grow around the world, confirming the devices’ ability to meet operators’ needs in a variety of developed and emerging markets.”

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MultiChoice is using an unconventional conditional access (CA) security scheme and middleware in its new-fangled set-top boxes, leveraging the STiH237’s broad ecosystem that supports an eclectic array of third-party security and software technologies. This lets customers to determine their preferred content protection, core set-top box functionality, and user-interface appearance and feel. Additionally, all devices in the STiH207 range, precisely the STiH207, STiH237, STiH239, STiH273 and STiH223 are ball-out and software companionable, empowering quicker time-to-market and slashed hardware costs. In tallying, compatibility with decoder ICs, such as the STi7111, sanctions developers to upgrade legacy equipment designs.


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