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STMicroelectronics to Show Automotive Solutions at 6th International Automotive Electronics Technology Expo


New Delhi: STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, will exhibit its latest automotive solutions at the 6th International Automotive Electronics Technology Expo (CAR-ELE JAPAN) in Tokyo, Japan.

With the accelerating development of “Autonomous Driving” and “Connected Cars”, the convergence of IT and automobiles is progressing rapidly and semiconductors have come to underpin all the various subsystems in the car, from advanced infotainment and driver-assistance systems to engine control and safety. ST is contributing to advanced automotive technologies through its broad product portfolio and the expertise it has built up over decades.

Major solutions at the ST Booth:

•             Advanced Automotive Information Systems

The evolution of vehicles as “Connected Platforms”, which receive up-to-date traffic information and offer media streaming and social network services through Internet connectivity, is skyrocketing. With such advanced automotive information systems, the automobile is adding infotainment, smartphone, and personal computer functions to its traditional role of transporting people and goods. At this year’s CAR-ELE JAPAN, ST will introduce its latest solution for the connected car that leverages ST’s broad product portfolio.

Built around ST’s ARM core-based high-performance multimedia system-on-chip (SoC) and developed on ST’s GENIVI-compliant IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) SDK software platform, ST’s connected-car solution is composed of a pico projector that displays incoming mail, SNS (social network service) updates, and other information on the car’s windshield; a MEMS microphone that enables voice operation; CMOS image sensors and the technology to detect the driver’s situation and gestures. At the booth, ST will conduct demos in which a driver is presented with information and data projected on the windshield, and controls the IVI features by voice.

•             Parking Assist Systems

Increasingly installed as standard equipment, parking-assist systems use image processors and high-performance multimedia SoCs to synthesize a virtual bird’s-eye view of the automobile from the images captured by cameras mounted at the front, back, left-, and right side of the vehicle. ST’s Ethernet-based Around-View Solution helps drivers visually confirm the vehicle’s position relative to adjacent objects for smoother parking.

At the booth, ST will conduct demos in which a radio-controlled vehicle equipped with the CMOS image sensors and automotive high-performance multimedia SoC drives on a parking-lot diorama and parks smoothly while displaying its surroundings. Through compatibility with the automotive Ethernet, a technology expected to expand rapidly, ST’s automotive high-performance multimedia SoC achieves easy integration with network services and external devices, such as smart consumer devices, further expanding the potential for IVI systems.

•             Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

ST will showcase its latest solutions for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). These include millimeter-wave radar chips that detect surrounding obstacles and distance from cars ahead and behind during driving, lane changes, and parking, as well as CMOS sensors and image processors that enable visual-based detection of pedestrians, vehicles, signs, and traffic lanes. Through these solutions, ST is helping to satisfy the growing demand of automobile manufacturers that adopt ADAS for their vehicles, and will contribute to the development of automated driving technologies of the future.

At CAR-ELE JAPAN, ST will also demonstrate pedestrian detection using the EyeQ3™ image processor co-developed with Mobileye. EyeQ3 combines the strengths of ST, which designs and manufactures industry-acclaimed automotive ICs, with the expertise of Mobileye, the world leader in collision-avoidance systems based on advanced artificial-vision technology. EyeQ3 offers market-unique functionality that contributes to reducing traffic accidents through advanced pedestrian detection, lane-deviation warning, adaptive headlight control, traffic sign recognition, frontal collision warning, and collision avoidance through a fusion of radar and cameras.

ST will also showcase its latest products and solutions for car body, power train and safety, including pressure sensors for car navigation systems that detect elevation differences; NFC tags and application processors that enable interaction between smartphones and car navigation systems; USB-charger control ICs and wireless power-supply solutions that enable charging of portable devices in the vehicle; and innovative automotive Power MOSFET packages.


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