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STMicroelectronics to Exhibit at Electronica China

STMicroelectronics has declared that the company will exhibit at electronica China 2021 soon.

STUnder the theme of “Our technology starts with You,” ST will showcase its industry-leading products and solutions for Smart Mobility, Power & Energy Management, and IoT & 5G.

Smart Mobility: At electronica China 2021, ST will display XPeng P7, a smart electric-vehicle sports sedan from China’s leading NEV car maker XPeng. The XPeng P7 features ST’s advanced multi-function L9788 vehicle control unit (VCU), the first CAN-FD transceiver in a U-chip solution with the highest functional-safety level compliance, which brings benefits such as Bill of Material (BOM) cost saving, reduced Printed Circuit Board (PCB) area, high integration and reliability, sensor interface, and multichannel configurable HS/LS drivers.

ST will also display an advanced SiC (silicon carbide) traction-inverter solution with a software resolver decoder that helps customers shorten development cycle-time; an innovative all-in-one OLED / LED driving solution that supports 32 channels and integrates a CAN-FD Light interface for distributed tail-light control architecture, and a 2-wheeler digital-cluster demo that allows evaluation of graphic performance and connectivity capabilities of the STA1095 car-infotainment microprocessor and encourages fast prototyping of digital-cluster applications to reduce time to market.

Power & Energy Management: ST’s MasterGaN is an advanced power device that integrates a gate driver and two enhancement-mode GaN transistors in a half‑bridge configuration. The combination accelerates the creation of next-generation compact and efficient chargers and power adapters for consumer and industrial applications up to 400W. At electronica China 2021, ST will be introducing its MasterGAN family including MASTERGAN1, MASTERGAN2, and MASTERGAN4, which is being exhibited for the first time in China.

In addition to Power and Energy solutions, ST will also showcase its innovative applications in Automation (Smart Home lighting-control system based on BLE and KNX TP communication) and Motor Control (treadmill demo).

IoT & 5G: ST will also introduce a Power-over-Ethernet (POE) wireless webcam with the ST60A2 RF 60GHz millimeter-wave transceiver at electronica China. Its connector technology is a very power-efficient wireless 60GHz link with a high data rate, eliminating the need for physical cables and connectors for short-range, point-to-point communications.

At the ST booth, visitors can also experience a technology demonstration of face detection and identification using convolutional neural networks (AI) running on an STM32H7 microcontroller. The demo enrolls users directly on the demo board and eliminates the need to connect to the Cloud.


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