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StoreDot to Ship A-Series Samples of XFC Pouch Cells

StoreDot has come up as the first company to manufacture silicon-dominant anode XFC cells technologies, ready for electric vehicles, on a production line.

StoreDot In a crucial step towards production at a scale of technologies that will decrease electric vehicle charging times by half, A-Series Samples of XFC pouch cells have been produced by StoreDot’s manufacturing partner EVE Energy.

Doron Myersdorf, StoreDot CEO “StoreDot’s mission is to provide global automotive manufacturers extreme fast charging technologies that will enable them to help consumers overcome what is known to be the major barrier to mass EV adoption. We offer a 50% reduction in charging time for the same cost, but mass production on new technologies is a critical step, which is why these first A-Series Samples are such a major milestone in our technology roadmap. These XFC sample cells will shortly be shipped to our global car-making partners for real-world testing and we are confident they will play a major role in increasing the crucial “miles per minute” rate which is key to driver’s experience and eliminating range anxiety.

“Our rapid development process is a result of our technology is uniquely designed for manufacturing (DFM) to be produced on existing Li-ion production lines, assisted by our proprietary Artificial Intelligence, which enables development from concept to production to be fast-tracked. Meaning that we are now on track to manufacture these XFC cells, in pouch or cylindrical form, at scale by 2024. They will then rapidly go into zero-emission vehicles to assist the journey towards a cleaner world. We’re also already working on our extreme energy density (XED) solid-state technology which will enter mass production in 2028.”

These cells will go on to be shipped to global car manufacturers, already partnering with StoreDot, to begin real-world testing.

This is the latest development for StoreDot’s rapid advancement in extremely fast-charging lithium-ion batteries for use in the automotive sector.

It has recently revealed plans to make its breakthrough ‘booster’ technology, utilizing hardware and software advances and covered by the patent, available to other organizations on an open-source basis.


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