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Strategic Imperatives For Successful Automation

– Anil Bhasin Managing Director and Vice-President, India and South Asia, UiPath

AutomationCOVID-19 is accelerating the rise of the digital economy. Companies are considering and adopting automation now more than they did a few years ago. Today, replacing repetitive manual work with software or systems is being explored across functions and industries.

Automation became a strategic boardroom conversation in 2020. Early adopters were seen to start at baseline processes such as finance and IT that are comparatively easy to assess and automate. With success stories in place, the early adopters are now taking a top-down approach where CEOs and board members are considering automation as a strategic priority.

Evaluation of business processes

It is imperative to understand your organisation’s needs and processes before identifying automatable probabilities. While technology is the foundation to automation, it cannot minimise or eliminate the inefficiencies. The first step towards a successful technology-led business transformation is analyzing and evaluating the inefficiencies within the business processes. By choosing to automate processes, it gives organisations an opportunity to recheck processes and identify skill gaps.

Simplification and standardization

A process map is the most effective method to chart down and assess gaps. A process must be simplified, and repetitive work reduced before assessing the process for automation. By doing this, organisations can avoid and eliminate complications in their processes. Large businesses can also reap the benefits of process mining and task mining, to reduce the turnaround time and improve process efficiency.

Assessing available automation solutions

Instead of investing in complex automation solutions, it is important to first understand the requirement and accordingly make the right decisions. While businesses want to gain an upper hand over their competition and be the pioneers of innovations, the right amount of time and effort is required to analyze processes before choosing the appropriate solution. By skipping this step, we will be foregoing a sustainable solution to our problem.

Democratising automation

The success of applying automation in your processes is highly dependent on the employees of your organisation. However, the success of sustainable automation requires a shift in employees’ mindsets, processes, and development of talent. Employees need to be empowered to drive such changes and the organisation must support to accomplish this transformative impact through automation. It is important that organisations focus on enhancing employee productivity and invest in employees.

Expert opinion

Getting an expert opinion on automation helps in making sure the company is on the right path. Each organization has its own challenges; hence it is good to build a support team headed by a Chief Automation Officer and a Centre of Excellence. Companies usually hire consultants for such opinions; however, an internal expert will have more knowledge into what is best for the organisation. With low-code and a robot available for every person, it is possible for a larger group to automate the tasks instead of restricting it to just developers.

These imperatives for successful automation must be examined and considered as a part of automating processes. Companies must equally value technology and people, and work together to enhance adoption, and subsequently, scaling.


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