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Sumida Partners with New Yorker Electronics

Sumida has announced the signing of New Yorker Electronics as a franchise distribution partner throughout North and South America.

New-yorkerAlready with over 80 years in Europe and 60 years history in Asia, Sumida is world renowned for its power inductors and transformers, ignitor modules, mobile communications equipment, lighting equipment and RFID.

Sumida also manufacturers automotive modules including Xenon Ignitor Modules, Choke Modules for Inverters, Component Carriers and Power Conversion Components & Modules. In addition, Sumida is a well-known specialist in Sensors and Actuators such as Rotor Position Sensors, ABS Coils and Solenoid Coils. These products, as well as Sumida’s electronic manufacturing services (EMS) are all now available through New Yorker Electronics.

For decades, Sumida has been cultivating relationships through its comprehensive manufacturing capabilities that allow the manufacturer the flexibility to adjust product volumes and locations as required while maintaining consistently high quality standards. Sumida has continued to expand its presence across the globe while promoting global integration and knowledge sharing within its various R&D and technology. With extensive engineering development centers in Japan, China, Europe and North & South America, New Yorker Electronics and Sumida are well suited to support their customer requirements.

Sumida’s products are used in a wide range of applications from consumer electronic devices to home appliances, automotive electronics, green energy solutions, industrial electronics and medical healthcare devices and equipment. “This is well-matched to our areas of industry applications and will only strengthen our footing in these markets,” said Barry Slivka, president of New Yorker Electronics. Although well-established as a highly qualified distributor in the military and aerospace markets, New Yorker Electronics also has a deep history of supplying medical, industrial, automotive and communication industries. “Sumida’s lineup of power inductors and transformers as well as their pricing and availability, will be a big advantage for us in these markets,” Slivka added.

New Yorker Electronic also brings to the table a vast global distribution network already in place for addressing a worldwide customer base with solutions now available form Sumida. This means that as a franchise distributor of Sumida, all products from automotive keyless antennas to green energy solutions, will be available for supply by New Yorker Electronics.

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