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Sumitomo Invests in Systemic Drive Solutions

Sumitomo (SHI) has finally shifted into its new Global Research & Development (R&D) Centre to work on systematic drive solutions at its headquarters in Markt Indersdorf, Germany after a year of construction.

SumitomoWith this move, the drive solutions specialist took a further strategic step in the direction of becoming a system provider.

Mike Wandersee, who was also the Building Project Manager, states “The increasing customer demand for customized solutions pushed us to the limits in our previous premises. With the new building, we now have enough space and all the possibilities to be able to meet the most diverse customer requirements in even greater detail. We are glad that the parent company keeps a close eye on global market developments, appreciates our expertise, understands the European perspective and supports our investment in ambitious research and development.”

Sebastian Market, Department Manager Global R&D Servo Drive Systems states “In Europe, there is a greater willingness to innovate and where it is increasingly necessary to think ahead and set trends. European industrial customers are interested in innovation and are increasingly looking for system suppliers. In addition to the classic component business, which remains the core for us, the demand for more convenience is growing. Companies, especially machine builders, are looking to purchase complete systems that in turn can be integrated quickly and flexibly into their overall solution.”

Sebastian Market says “True innovation also means having the courage to take risks in development. We do not just want to do what everyone else does, just differently, we want to research and develop unconventional and unique solutions. Our core theme in the Global R&D Centre is consistent innovation.”

The company, which operates under the brand name “Sumitomo Drive Technologies”, has invested a total of around €5.5M in this ambitious project for good reason as Sumitomo are specifically seeking geographical proximity to innovative European industrial customers.

Application-specific customer requirements can now be fully evaluated on-site, in Markt Indersdorf, which makes the entire development process faster, more flexible and more efficient. The Global R&D center and the previous local development departments will work with synergy and departmental collaboration.

The design and development team of currently 16 people, who are headed by Mike Wandersee, moved into the ground floor of the building and take care of quotation and order processing of the individual product together with an outlook on local series development.

In the future, Sumitomo will further expand the possibilities of customization through customer-oriented modular solutions.


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