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Sunny Xinyang Agrees for Licensing of VIAVI 3D Sensing Filters

VIAVI Solutions has recently announced that Sunny Xinyang Optics has agreed to a licensing arrangement for certain use of VIAVI’s patent-protected low angle shift (LAS) filters used in the field of three-dimensional (3D) sensing technology.

VIAVI SolutionsVIAVI is a pioneer and world leader in the field of 3D sensing technology, including VIAVI’s state-of the art optical filters. In a typical gesture-recognition system, a light source emits near-infrared light towards a user and an optical filter is used to transmit the emitted light that is reflected by the user to a 3D image sensor, while substantially blocking ambient light.

The patented VIAVI optical filters achieve superior optical performance, a desired reduction in filter thickness, and a reduced center wavelength shift with a change in incidence angle of the reflected light.

“VIAVI’s leadership in optical filter technology is based on decades of development for military, industrial and consumer electronics applications,” said Oleg Khaykin, President and Chief Executive Officer, VIAVI. “We have successfully leveraged this technology for 3D sensing, and are driving business growth through engagement with major customers as well as licensing agreements with other manufacturers.”

“Sunny Optical Technology has become a leader in the design and manufacturing of optical components, focusing on the beauty and science of technology,” said Mr. Yang Sun, CEO, Sunny Optical Technology. “In order to capitalize on the growing market opportunities for 3D sensing, we are pleased to collaborate with another industry leader in VIAVI.”

The terms and conditions of the licensing arrangement are confidential and are not being disclosed.


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