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Suntsu Electronics Introduces the Highest Performing Rubidium Oscillator

Designed to withstand long operating periods without requiring maintenance, introducing the highest performing Rubidium Oscillator.

Suntsu Electronics It boasts a low profile and standard connector interface to make for easy integration. Time and frequency systems such as telecommunications, defense, and test and measurement applications are easily integrated.

This rubidium oscillator is designed for applications that require a free-run frequency source such as LTE, UTMS, and CDMA.

The power consumption of this oscillator holds steady at 6 watts over 12 volts with a 5-minute warm-up time frame.  It is ideally suited for extended holdover and delivers a frequency stability of ±0.3ppb regardless of temperature fluctuations while receiving a 12V power supply.

Key features:

  • Frequency of 10MHz
  • Dimensions of 101mm x 37mm
  • Frequency accuracy of ±05ppb
  • Frequency stability of ±3ppb
  • Aging per day of ±003ppb
  • Optimal performance at 12V (can operate up to 15V)
  • Operating temperature range from -40°C to 60°C
  • Sinewave output
  • MTBF of 100,000 hours


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