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Foot Switches Now Available at Suntsu

Suntsu has recently started offering foot switches for hands-free applications.

SuntsuFoot switches are used to turn electrical equipment on and off by using your foot to trigger the switch, depending on the application.

Some common applications of foot switches include guitar pedals, sewing machines, medical bed controls, tattoo guns, soldering machines, industrial machinery, and more.

The right foot switch can make or break an electrical circuit. So how do you choose the right one for your application?

Foot switches can be either momentary or latching. Momentary foot switches must remain pressed down by the foot to continue their function.

For example, a sewing machine requires continuous compression for the machine to continue its stitches. Latching foot switches can be pressed once, and the user can then remove the pressure on the switch.

The device or machine will remain on until the switch is compressed again.

Therefore, it is important to consider what you will be using your foot switch for before making a purchase.


Aishwarya Saxena

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